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Bertin Technologies’ Second Sight® Securing the Next FIFA World Cup 201423 Apr 2014Read
PIKE Technologies Demonstrates FT-IR and UV-Vis Sampling Solutions at analytica 201417 Mar 2014Read
IONICON Launches the New Super-Fast PTR-TOF 1000 Trace Gas Analyzer18 Feb 2014Read
LECO Introduces the 736 Series: Oxygen/Nitrogen Analysis by Fusion20 Nov 2013Read
GE Joins Forces with Thermo Fisher Scientific to Offer Positive Material Identification Solutions5 Sep 2013Read
FLIR Systems Releases Informative Guide Detailing the Role of Optical Gas Imaging in Reducing Industrial Pollution29 Aug 2013Read
Innovative Gas Sensors Expand Sartorius Stedim Biotech’s PAT Portfolio17 Jul 2013Read
IONICON Celebrates its 15th Anniversary15 Jul 2013Read
Iridian Announce Availability of Mid-wave and Long-wave Infrared Bandpass Filters9 Jul 2013Read
Meet EPA Standards with Thermo Scientific's Omni FTIR Multi Gas Continuous Emission Monitoring System28 Jun 2013Read

  Application Articles

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Methane Sensing for Coal Mining Applications17 Jun 2013Read
Methane and Carbon Dioxide Sensing for Landfill Applications14 Jun 2013Read
Carbon Dioxide Sensing for Controlled Environment Horticulture Applications12 Jun 2013Read
Methane, Ethylene, and Ethane in Water by Headspace-Gas Chromatography (HS-GC) with Flame Ionization Detection (FID)10 Jun 2013Read
Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide Sensing for Gasification Applications10 Jun 2013Read
Ambient Air Quality Analysis of Toxic Gases and Priority3 Jun 2013Read
Rapid and Sensitive Determination of Airborne N-Nitrosamines Using the Agilent Capillary Trap Sampler, Thermal Separation Probe, and an Agilent 5975T LTM GC/MS28 Feb 2013Read
Natural Gas Analysis: A Simplified Approach for the Analysis of Permanent Gases and Hydrocarbons in Natural Gas by Capillary Chromatography and Deans Switch28 Nov 2012Read
Analysis of Sulfur Compounds in Natural Gas Using the Agilent 290 Micro GC27 Nov 2012Read
Analysis of Power Plant Flue Gas Desulfurization Wastewaters (FGDW)28 Sep 2012Read


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Second Sight Gas Cloud Detector Securing the 2014 FIFA World Cup23 Apr 2014Watch  
PIKE Technologies at Pittcon 201414 Mar 2014Watch  
David Jones, BG Group: FAPESP and BG Brasil to Invest in a Brazil-Based Research Center for Gas Innovation28 Sep 2013Watch  
Perseus – The Revolution in STA-FTIR Coupling6 Feb 2013Watch