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BIOSTAT A - Professional Entry-level Solution for Cell Culture and Microbial Fermentation11 Nov 2014Read
FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies Chooses ambr250 System for Optimising Microbial Fermentation16 Sep 2014Read
IONICON PTR-MS (Proton Transfer Reaction – Mass Spectrometry) System Monitors GMP Biotech Processes22 Jan 2014Read
Hamilton Expands Products and Applications for Process Measurement Analytics22 Oct 2013Read
Sartorius to Present Product Portfolio at Biotechnica 201324 Sep 2013Read
Randox Food Diagnostics Expect to Harvest Sales with New NOPA Kit10 Jul 2013Read
Roche Launches New Iron and Phosphate Tests for its Cedex Bio Systems4 Jul 2013Read
Xylem’s YSI Products Help to Keep Fermentation in Bioprocessing and Life Science Applications Under Control12 Jun 2013Read
Randox Food Diagnostics Launches New Kit to Test for Total Sulphite in Wine8 May 2013Read
Xylem’s YSI Products Help to Control Fermentation in Bioprocessing and Life Sciences19 Mar 2013Read

  Application Articles

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High Cell Density Fermentation of Escherichia coli Using the New Brunswick™ BioFlo® 11518 Feb 2015Read
Continuous Separation of E. coli Fermentation Broth20 Jan 2015Read
Implementing CIMS for Process Operations: Goal Is to Integrate Analytical Capabilities with Bioreactor or Fermentor Control Software12 Mar 2014Read
High Cell Density E. coli Fermentation using DASGIP® Parallel Bioreactor Systems24 Feb 2014Read
Isobutanol from Renewable Feed-Stock - Process Optimization by Inte¬gration of Mass Spectrometry to Two 8-fold DASGIP® Parallel Bioreactor Systems24 Feb 2014Read
Insect Cell Culture Using the New Brunswick™ BioFlo®/CelliGen® 115 Benchtop Fermentor/Bioreactor with Spin Filter Assembly17 Feb 2014Read
Introduction to Pichia Pastoris in a Stirred-Tank Fermentor28 Jan 2014Read
Anaerobic Yeast Fermentation for the Production of Ethanol in a New Brunswick™ BioFlo® 310 Fermentor17 Jan 2014Read
Determination of Organic Acids in Beer Samples Using a High-Pressure Ion Chromatography System10 Dec 2013Read
Amino Acid Fermentation: Evaluation of Scale-Down Capabilities Using DASbox® Mini Bioreactors28 Nov 2013Read


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Think Outside The Bag - Eppendorf New Brunswick BioProcess12 Dec 2012Watch