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Soxhlet-based Fat Analysis Reinvented with New Total Fat Solution from FOSS4 Apr 2013Read
Gerhardt’s New HYDROTHERM to be Exhibited at Pittcon 20137 Mar 2013Read
Gerhardt’s HYDROTHERM a Product that Stands Alone in Acid Hydrolysis11 Feb 2013Read

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Solid Fat Content (SFC) Analysis: The International Standard Method for the Determination of Fat Melting Profiles22 Dec 2014Read
Ionic Liquid GC Column Option for the Analysis of Omega 3 and Omega 6 Fatty Acids20 Oct 2014Read
Comprehensive Determination of Trans Fats in Cookies using SP-2560 and SLB-IL111 GC Columns after Silver-Ion SPE Fractionation16 Oct 2014Read
Extraction of Total Fat from Food Samples After Acid Hydrolysis Using Accelerated Solvent Extraction with GC-MS Analysis29 Oct 2013Read
Fast and Simple Free Fatty Acids Analysis Using UPC2/MS30 Sep 2013Read
The Rapid Determination of PROXIMATE Nutrients in Foodstuffs by Fast-Scanning Mid-IR27 Jan 2013Read
Extraction of Fat from Animal Feed Products Using a Waters MV-10 ASFE9 Nov 2012Read
Analysis of Stem Cell Differentiation Using the Operetta High Content Imaging System5 Nov 2012Read
Characterization of Fats in Cookies Using Power Compensation DSC1 Aug 2012Read
Extraction of Fat from Chocolate13 Jul 2012Read


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ABB MB3600 CH10 FT NIR Analyzer for Oleochemcal applications8 Jul 2013Watch