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Analysis of Ethylglucuronide/Ethylsulfate in the Urine of Sexual Assault Cases9 Dec 2014Read
Determination of Sugars, Ethanol and Glycerol in Wine26 Nov 2014Read
Quantitation and Confirmation of Blood Ethanol Content Using a New GC/FID/MS Blood Alcohol Analyzer18 Jun 2014Read
13C and Simultaneous 18O and 2H Isotope8 Apr 2014Read
Using Redox Measurements to Control Anaerobic Yeast Fermentation in a New Brunswick™ BioFlo® 310 Fermentor4 Feb 2014Read
Anaerobic Yeast Fermentation for the Production of Ethanol in a New Brunswick™ BioFlo® 310 Fermentor17 Jan 2014Read
Determination of Ethanol Concentration in Fermented Beer Samples and Distilled Products22 Aug 2013Read
Improved Blood Alcohol Analysis by Resolution of Propanal from Ethanol Using Two Unique GC Column Phases, Zebron™ ZB-BAC1 and ZB-BAC225 Feb 2013Read
Direct Analysis of Cr, Ni, Pb and V in Ethanol Fuel by Microwave Plasma-Atomic Emission Spectrometry22 Nov 2012Read
Analysis of Bioethanol Impurities with the Spectrum Two FT-IR Spectrometer12 Jul 2012Read


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Biofuels: Developing the Fuels of the Future - Prof. Miguel J. Dabdoub, University of Sao Paulo28 Oct 2013Watch  
New Yeast Strains for Second-Generation Ethanol: Pedro Tizei, University of Campinas28 Oct 2013Watch  
Biofuels: Overcoming the Storage Bottleneck – Dr Eduardo Cavalcanti, National Institute of Technology28 Oct 2013Watch  
Biofuel Regulation: Investigating Toxic Compounds – Prof Jailson Andrade, Federal University of Bahia28 Oct 2013Watch