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EpiCypher™ Announces Next-Generation Histone Peptide Array4 Sep 2014Read
Dyadic and CIMV Enter into Collaboration to Commercialize Second Generation Biofuel Technology5 Aug 2014Read
BellBrook Labs Launches a New TR-FRET Based Transcreener HTS Assay for Phosphodiesterases, Ligases, and Synthetases13 Feb 2014Read
Promega Introduces Bioluminescent ROS-Glo H2O2 Assay for Enzymatic Screening Programs and Cell-based Assays1 Oct 2013Read
Scripps Research Institute Study Finds New Moves in Protein's Evolution29 Sep 2013Read
EMD Millipore Adds Human Recombinant Ataxia Telangiectasia Mutated (ATM) Enzyme to Comprehensive Kinase Enzyme Portfolio21 Aug 2013Read
Novozymes Biopharma to Showcase World Leading Products at CPhI China29 May 2013Read
Almac Secures New Metagenomics and Enzyme Discovery Programme with UCL15 May 2013Read
Faster Characterisation of Enzymes with Avacta's Optim® 100018 Mar 2013Read
BIOCIUS Life Sciences and BlueSky Biotech Extend Partnership, Provide Validated Enzymes15 Jun 2010Read

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A Simplified Protocol to Streamline Inhibitor Profiling with the Transcreener® ADP2 FP Assay27 Jan 2015Read
Enhanced Performance Using the Tecan Infinite® M200 Multimode Reader22 Dec 2014Read
ELISA Solutions from ImmunoChemistry Technologies18 Dec 2014Read
Activity Measurements of Pentose Phosphate Pathway Enzymes Using the Thermo Scientific NanoDrop 2000c Kinetics Application17 Dec 2014Read
Detection of HMT SET8 with the Transcreener® EPIGEN Methyltransferase Assay10 Dec 2014Read
Removal of Beta-Glucuronidase Enzyme from Urine Post-Hydrolysis to Improve Assay Performance and Column Lifetime14 Nov 2014Read
Ultrafast Histone Deacetylase Selectivity Screening Using the Agilent RapidFire High-Throughput Mass Spectrometry System12 Nov 2014Read
Detection of HMT PRMT3 with the Transcreener® EPIGEN Methyltransferase Assay24 Oct 2014Read
Fast PCR using PrimeSTAR® Max DNA Polymerase vs. Other High-Fidelity Polymerases26 Sep 2014Read
PrimeSTAR® GXL DNA Polymerase: One Enzyme for Every Reaction23 Sep 2014Read


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How Tips, Tubes and Plates can Affect Your Assays27 Oct 2014Watch  
Transcreener® Epigen Methyltransferase Assay24 Oct 2014Watch  
Kapa Biosystems: Directed Evolution24 Jul 2014Watch  
Cloning with Restriction Enzymes20 May 2014Watch  
NEB Product Portfolio for Genomics, Proteomics and Cell Biology16 May 2014Watch  
6 Reasons to Try RE-Mix® Restriction Enzyme Master Mixes from New England BioLabs6 Feb 2014Watch  
Introduction to the ExoSAP-IT for PCR Product Clean-Up8 Jul 2013Watch