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AB SCIEX Delivers Breakthrough for Therapeutic Biologics with Innovative CESI-MS Solution4 Mar 2014Read
Protea & VCU Enter Into Molecular Imaging Research Partnership23 Sep 2013Read
INPART Selects LAESI DP-1000 for Natural Product-Based Drug Discovery5 Sep 2013Read
Protea Announces Expansion of Patent Portfolio28 Aug 2013Read
JEOL Exhibit New AccuTOF™ GCv 4G Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer24 Mar 2013Read
Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduce Liquid Junction Kit for Nano UHPLC-MS ESI Source12 Mar 2013Read
World’s Smallest Reaction Chamber Created7 Dec 2012Read
Bruker Announces Release of Breakthrough CaptiveSpray(TM) Nano/Capillary Electrospray Ion Source for Proteomics at ASMS 201110 Jun 2011Read
Researchers Develop a Novel On-Line Bioaffinity-Electrospray Ionisation (ESI) Mass Spectrometry Approach15 Nov 2010Read

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Utilizing a Hybrid Mass Spectrometer to Enable Fundamental Protein Characterization: Intact Mass Analysis and Top-Down Fragmentation with the LTQ Orbitrap MS24 Sep 2014Read
Comparison of Ionization Techniques for the Analysis of Trace-Level Pyrethroid Insecticides by GC-MS/MS19 Sep 2014Read
Veterinary Drug Analysis with Supercritical Fluid Chromatography and Triple Quadrupole LC/MS17 Sep 2014Read
Comprehensive Lipid Profiling of Human Liver Tissue Extracts of Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease9 Sep 2014Read
Relative Quantitation of Human Polymorphonuclear Leukocyte Cell Membrane GPEtn Lipids8 Sep 2014Read
Single Bead Peptide Microarrays Characterized by Laser Ablation Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry Imaging (LAESI-MSI)4 Sep 2014Read
Rapid Profiling of Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi Spores Using LAESI-MS1 Sep 2014Read
Rapid Analysis of Environmental Contaminants by Fast GC–TOF MS with Select-eV Variable-Energy Electron Ionisation29 May 2014Read
Analysis of Complex Petrochemicals by GC×GC–TOF MS with Select-eV Variable-Energy Electron Ionization29 May 2014Read
Higher Confidence in Identification with QTRAP® LC/MS/MS Systems when Screening and Quantifying Pesticides in Fruit and Vegetable Samples27 May 2014Read


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Overview of LAESI™ (Laser Ablation Electrospray Ionization)20 May 2014Watch  
Northeastern University and Waters Team Up to Provide a Novel Solution for Studying Protein Conformation30 Apr 2013Watch  
Innovative High Performance MS22 Feb 2012Watch