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AB SCIEX Delivers Breakthrough for Therapeutic Biologics with Innovative CESI-MS Solution4 Mar 2014Read
Protea & VCU Enter Into Molecular Imaging Research Partnership23 Sep 2013Read
INPART Selects LAESI DP-1000 for Natural Product-Based Drug Discovery5 Sep 2013Read
Protea Announces Expansion of Patent Portfolio28 Aug 2013Read
JEOL Exhibit New AccuTOF™ GCv 4G Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer24 Mar 2013Read
Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduce Liquid Junction Kit for Nano UHPLC-MS ESI Source12 Mar 2013Read
World’s Smallest Reaction Chamber Created7 Dec 2012Read
Bruker Announces Release of Breakthrough CaptiveSpray(TM) Nano/Capillary Electrospray Ion Source for Proteomics at ASMS 201110 Jun 2011Read
Researchers Develop a Novel On-Line Bioaffinity-Electrospray Ionisation (ESI) Mass Spectrometry Approach15 Nov 2010Read

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Rapid Analysis of Environmental Contaminants by Fast GC–TOF MS with Select-eV Variable-Energy Electron Ionisation29 May 2014Read
Analysis of Complex Petrochemicals by GC×GC–TOF MS with Select-eV Variable-Energy Electron Ionisation29 May 2014Read
Higher Confidence in Identification with QTRAP® LC/MS/MS Systems when Screening and Quantifying Pesticides in Fruit and Vegetable Samples27 May 2014Read
CESI-MS: An Essential Complement to nanoLC-ESI-MS for Complex Proteome Analysis25 Jul 2013Read
Development of EPA Method 539 Using UHPLC12 Apr 2013Read
Confirmation of Drugs of Abuse in Pseudo Drug Mixes Using UHPLC-ESI TOF MS8 Jan 2013Read


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Overview of LAESI™ (Laser Ablation Electrospray Ionization)20 May 2014Watch  
Northeastern University and Waters Team Up to Provide a Novel Solution for Studying Protein Conformation30 Apr 2013Watch  
Innovative High Performance MS22 Feb 2012Watch