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AB SCIEX to Present ESI-MS Workshop at HPLC 201423 Apr 2014Read
BioOutsource Announces the Opening of a New Biosimilar Centre of Excellence in Glasgow Due to a Surge in Global Demand5 Feb 2014Read
Randox Food Diagnostics Announces Mycotoxins Screening Product to Test for Ergot Alkaloids31 Jan 2014Read
Horizon Discovery Announces Oncology Research, Collaboration and License Agreement with AstraZeneca7 Jan 2014Read
FDA Approves Perjeta for Neoadjuvant Breast Cancer Treatment30 Sep 2013Read
Agilent Technologies to Sponsor Global Forensics Congress in Portugal27 Aug 2013Read
Quest Diagnostics Introduces Opioid Therapy Genetic Test9 Aug 2013Read
New AB SCIEX Software Accelerates Drug Screening for Clinical Research Laboratories31 Jul 2013Read
Synthetic Cannabinoids Identifiable in the Field with the Scientific TruNarc Handheld Narcotics Analyzer29 Jul 2013Read
GE Healthcare Launches New Software to Expand Biacore T200’s Capabilities for Highly Sensitive, Focused Screening12 Jun 2013Read

  Application Articles

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Routine Drug Screening of Human Urine via GC-TOFMS following Automated Solid Phase Extraction Cleanup12 Jan 2015Read
Determining Residue on Ignition in Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical Products by Gravimetric Loss on Ignition Analysis3 Dec 2014Read
Systematic Screening for Basic and Acidic Drugs in Urine using Ultrafast GC-MS/MS in MRM-Scan Mode17 Nov 2014Read
Long-Term 3D Human Liver Microtissue Co-Cultures: Characterization and Implication for Drug-Induced Hepatotoxicity Studies6 Oct 2014Read
Quantitative LC-MS Screening for Illicit Drugs Using Ultrahigh Resolution Mass Analysis and Accurate Mass Confirmation26 Sep 2014Read
Development of an LC/MS/MS Screening Method to Evaluate the Impact of Drugs on Cortisol Biosynthesis in Vitro2 Sep 2014Read
Nondestructive Single Tablet Analysis Using the NIRS XDS Rapid Content Analyzer29 Aug 2014Read
Unified Laboratory Intelligence for Impurity Resolution Management27 Aug 2014Read
Analysis of a New High Throughput Screening Detection Technology for Rapid hERG Safety Testing using a Fluorescence Polarization Assay11 Oct 2013Read
Automated Direct Sample Analysis (DSA/TOF) for the Rapid Screening and Confirmation of Illicit Street Drugs1 Oct 2013Read


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3D InSight™ Tumor Microtissues from InSphero11 Nov 2014Watch  
NIRSystems XDS Analyzers, Pharmaceutical Testing27 Aug 2014Watch  
Pharmaceutical Material Identification3 Mar 2014Watch