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Crisp and Fluid Imaging for Every Need – Olympus Full HD Cameras22 Oct 2014Read
Lumenera’s INFINITY3-3UR offers 53 fps at Full 2.8 Megapixel Resolution, Producing Clear and Detailed Images in Low Light Environments6 May 2014Read
ZEISS to Present the Smartzoom 5 Automated Digital Microscope at Control 201430 Apr 2014Read
Olympus at Analytica: Dedicated to Innovations in Microscopy13 Mar 2014Read
AutoMate Scientific Releases StageHands Magnetic Holders7 Feb 2014Read
BioTek Features Unique Microplate Instrumentation and Applications at MipTec 201316 Sep 2013Read
Tec Microscopes Announce the MICROTEC ScopePad 5 Megapixel Digital Microscope Camera15 Aug 2013Read
Motic Launches a New Wi-fi Microscopy Camera, the Moticam X28 May 2013Read
Moticam 580INT: Convert Your Motic BA Microscope into a Digital Station24 May 2013Read
Sysmex and CellaVision Launch New Integrated Digital Cell Morphology System9 May 2013Read

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Are Your Digital Microscope Measurements Accurate and Reliable?28 Oct 2014Read
Cleanliness Analysis Systems: Appropriate System Calibration Ensures Optimal Performance28 Oct 2014Read
Opto-Digital Microscopy: The future of Industrial Quality Control11 Mar 2014Read
Imaging of BacMam Transfected U-2 OS Cells: Optimization of Transfection Conditions Using the Cytation™3 Cell Imaging Multi-Mode Reader and Gen5™ Data Analysis Software9 Oct 2013Read
Analysis of Nuclear Stained Cells: Using the Cytation™3 Cell Imaging Multi-Mode Microplate Reader with DAPI-Stained Cells23 Apr 2013Read
HemaCAM, a Novel Self-Learning Automated Digitalization Module, Part of the HaemCell Solution.10 May 2012Read


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Moticam580 Presentation22 May 2014Watch  
Olympus DSX Opto-Digital Microscope: Touch Panel Operation 12 Mar 2014Watch  
Olympus DSX Opto-Digital Microscope: ExtendedFocusFunction (EFI)12 Mar 2014Watch  
The New Cytation™3 Cell Imaging Multimode Reader from Biotek17 Apr 2013Watch