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SynStats Software Training Video for Antibiotic and Vaccine Developers shows how to Easily Obtain Efficacy and Potency Results from ProtoCOL 3 Data3 Dec 2014Read
Immunotherapy Breakthrough for Autoimmune Diseases: An Exclusive Interview with Professor David Wraith13 Oct 2014Read
Exco InTouch’s mDNA® Technology Shortlisted for the Best Technological Development in Clinical Trials 2014 SCRIP Award2 Oct 2014Read
Waters Launches Progenesis QI Version 2.0 LC-MS Software for Small Molecule Data Analysis at IMSC 201411 Sep 2014Read
Agilent Technologies and Shimadzu Enable Control of Each Other’s GC Instruments in Their Respective Chromatographic Data Systems22 Aug 2014Read
Bibby Scientific Incorporates Qualoupe Lite into More Instruments for Better Data Tracking and Storage13 Aug 2014Read
New Epoch™ 2 Provides Enhanced User Interface for Spectral Absorbance Detection2 Jul 2014Read
PerkinElmer Launches New Version of ChemBioOffice® Suite23 Jun 2014Read
Genedata Announces Genedata Screener 12 Supporting Biophysical, Combination and Panel Screens17 Jun 2014Read
ASMS 2014 - Genedata Enhances Mass Spectrometry Software for Biopharma Workflows16 Jun 2014Read

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Analysis of Labeled and Non-Labeled Proteomic Data19 Feb 2015Read
Advanced Data Acquisition and Data Processing Workflows to Identify, Quantify and Confirm Pesticide Residues11 Feb 2015Read
Analysis of Labeled and Non-Labeled Proteomic Data Using Progenesis QI for Proteomics2 Feb 2015Read
High-Throughput Screening Data Analysis for Cell-Based Assays Using Corning® Epic® Technology: Going Beyond Simple Hit/Non-Hit Classification with Epic Signal Identification (SI)28 Jan 2015Read
Applying ULI Informatics Principles to Companies Producing Formulated Products19 Jan 2015Read
A New Software Tool for Confident MRM Based Quantitation in Forensic Toxicology12 Dec 2014Read
CrystalQuickTMX: Optimised Platform for In-Situ Analysis of Protein Crystals18 Nov 2014Read
Accurate and Comprehensive Mapping of Multi-omic Data to Biological Pathways Using Agilent-BridgeDB12 Nov 2014Read
Metabolomic Data Analysis of Herbicide Susceptible and Resistant Populations of Black-Grass (Alopecurus myosuroides)18 Sep 2014Read
Characterizing Small Molecules in Biological Extracts using IntelliXtract Data Processing on High Resolution Accurate Mass Time-of-Flight Data6 Jul 2014Read


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Are You Squared? Testing and Adjusting Imaging Systems with a Color Standard Slide26 Feb 2015Watch  
Burkhard Schaefer, BSSN Software, Discusses Standards Initiatives at SLAS25 Feb 2015Watch  
Acquiring Data in Manual Tune Mode in Analyst® Software13 Jan 2015Watch  
Entering Quad and Trap Masses in Analyst® Software13 Jan 2015Watch  
Shuttle & Find for Life Sciences: A Solution for Correlative Microscopy 23 Dec 2014Watch  
Software for Handling of Large Microscopy Datasets8 Dec 2014Watch  
SynStats Statistical Analysis Software3 Dec 2014Watch  
Webinar: Morphometry and Density/Intensity Readings: Avoid Errors in Quantification2 Dec 2014Watch  
Easy Statistical Analysis with the Biocrates MetIDQ™ Boron StatPack1 Dec 2014Watch  
ACD Spectrus Platform Overview17 Nov 2014Watch