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Beckman Coulter Life Sciences To Acquire Cytometer Maker Xitogen25 Apr 2014Read
AMSBIO Announces New Aptamer Kits for Cell Isolation & Flow Cytometry24 Jan 2014Read
New Research Validates Miniaturization of Micronucleus Testing for Genotoxicity by 96-Well Flow Cytometry18 Sep 2013Read
Introducing the New S1000EXi Flow Cytometer from Stratedigm11 Sep 2013Read
New Workflow to Provide Scientists with Tools That Enable Single Cell Analysis for Oncology, Immunology and Stem Cell Research6 Sep 2013Read
Cronus Technologies Launches the Handyem HPC‐100 Portable Flow Cytometer at flowcytometryUK 201313 Aug 2013Read
EASYstrainer Cell Sieve Simplifies Aseptic Work12 Aug 2013Read
New PerFix Reagent Kits from Beckman Coulter Life Sciences Enable Efficient Delivery of Antibodies and Other Probes into Cells8 Aug 2013Read
Beckman Coulter Life Sciences Acquires Assets of ReaMetrix India Pvt. Ltd6 Aug 2013Read
Partec’s CyFlow® Cube 6 Flow Cytometery System Receives “Red Dot Design Award“ for Innovative High-Performance Cell Analysis System18 Jul 2013Read

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Detecting Human Circulating Endothelial Cells Using the Attune® Acoustic Focusing Cytometer17 Sep 2014Read
Optimizing GFP Transfection with the SpectraMax i3 Multi-Mode Detection Platform3 Sep 2014Read
Beckman Coulter Gallios Flow Cytometer and the Detection of Micro-particles21 Aug 2014Read
Multiparametric Analysis of Microalgae for Biofuels Using Flow Cytometry1 Nov 2013Read
Multiplexing Cell-Based Assays using the SpectraMax® i3 Multi-Mode Microplate Reader with MiniMax™ Imaging Cytometer7 Oct 2013Read
Analysis of Proliferation Dynamics in Primary and Immortalized Human Cells2 Sep 2013Read
A Novel Imaging Cytometry Method for Immunophenotyping30 Jul 2013Read
Cross Platform Solutions for Autophagy Detection using the guava™8HT and Amnis ImageStream® Systems1 Jul 2013Read
Cytometric Analysis of Upregulated Functional Gene Expression in Primary Cells by On-Chip Staining17 Jun 2013Read
Quantitating Protein Expression in Intact Tissue Sections for Cancer Research9 May 2013Read


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Automation from GNF Systems Opens New Therapeutic Opportunities6 Feb 2014Watch  
EMD Millipore Announces New guava easyCyte™ 12 Flow Cytometers19 Dec 2013Watch  
User-Friendly Cytometry with the S3 Cell Sorter from Bio-Rad19 Dec 2013Watch  
New Software for Flow Cytometry Data Reduction24 Apr 2013Watch  
New Bio-Rad S3 Cell Sorter10 Jan 2013Watch  
New Convenient Bench-Top Automated Image Cytometry17 Nov 2011Watch