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Affymetrix Launches Solution to Enable Cancer Researchers to Rapidly Map the Functional Impact of DNA Alterations on Gene Expression Profiles to Identify Potential Cancer Driver Events13 Nov 2014Read
QIAGEN Demonstrates Expanded Bioinformatics Workflows at ASHG21 Oct 2014Read
An Integrated Approach to Clinical Genetics Research10 Apr 2014Read
OGT and Emory Genetics Laboratory Develop New Molecular Arrays11 Mar 2014Read
Exploring the Next Generation of Cancer Genomics at BSGM10 Sep 2013Read
Life Technologies Launches Industry's First End-to-End Sequencing Solution for Human Exome Copy Number Variation Analysis2 Sep 2013Read
Affymetrix Launches New OncoScan™ FFPE Assay Kit6 Aug 2013Read
OGT to Launch New CytoSure™ Array at Cancer Cytogenomics Microarray Consortium30 Jul 2013Read
Bio-Rad Launch PrimePCR™ Assays for Droplet Digital™ PCR10 Jul 2013Read
Life Technologies Launches Oncomine® Bioinformatics Solutions for Cancer Researchers5 Apr 2013Read

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Droplet Digital PCR: High-Resolution Copy Number Variation Analysis27 Aug 2014Read
Detection of SMAD4, MAP2K4 and RB1 Gene Deletions in Human Tumor Cells by Multiplex qPCR8 May 2014Read
Comprehensive Genomic Analysis – Complementing Sequencing with High-Resolution CNV Detection10 Apr 2014Read
Research Using Rapid Assessment of AML Genes for Mutation Detection10 Apr 2014Read
Probing Copy Number Variations Using Bio-Rad’s QX100™5 Dec 2013Read
Detection of Copy Number and Loss of Heterozygosity with OGTS’s ISCA17 Jul 2013Read
Detecting Copy Number Variants and Runs of Homozygosity on a Single Array — Challenges and Applications28 Jun 2013Read
Copy-neutral Loss of Heterozygosity in Cancer25 Jun 2013Read
Mutation Detection and CNV Analysis for Illumina Sequencing data from HaloPlex Target Enrichment Panels using NextGENe Software for Clinical Research29 May 2013Read
Solving the Cancer Puzzle with Next Generation Sequencing and Microarrays21 May 2013Read


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Dr. Jan Korbel, EMBL: Novel Mechanisms of Cancer Genomic Alteration19 Jul 2013Watch  
Affymetrix Quantigene 2.0 Demonstration15 Jul 2013Watch  
Exploring Copy Number Variation (CNV) with DNASTAR’s ArrayStar SeqMan NGen Software25 Jun 2013Watch  
Genomics Solutions for Analyzing FFPE Archival Tissues24 Apr 2013Watch  
New CytoSure Microarray for Cancer Research24 Apr 2013Watch  
New Digital PCR Demonstration18 Apr 2012Watch  
Innovation in Quantitative PCR14 Mar 2012Watch