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Space Saving 96-well Deep Well Plate8 Jan 2015Read
New Phenomenex SecurityGuard™ Cartridge System Protects All GPC Columns21 Nov 2014Read
Cherwell Meets Cleanroom Microbiology and Decontamination Needs at Pharmig 201414 Nov 2014Read
New Compact Ozone Sterilizer from AMSBIO Eliminates Contaminants and Germs15 May 2014Read
Cherwell Provides Practical Microbiological Solutions at PHSS24 Sep 2013Read
Air Science Provides Containment Solutions to Meet any Analytical Need17 Jun 2013Read
Bigger Capacity Autoclaves Lower Sterilization Costs3 Apr 2013Read
Novasep Launches the Sius Single-Use TFF Skid14 Feb 2013Read
Study in UK SSDs of ProReveal Fluorescence Protein Detection Test Shows Technology can Detect Nanogram Amounts of Protein on Surgical Instruments29 Nov 2012Read
Preventing Source Contamination16 Feb 2012Read

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Comparative Investigations on the Blocking Efficiency of Filter Tips7 Nov 2014Read
Precision Pipetting of Problem Liquids Using the MICROMAN® E Pipette17 Oct 2014Read
Absence of PCR Inhibitory Effect in Eppendorf Filter Tips27 Aug 2014Read
Five Tips to Optimize Biological Safety Cabinet Operation20 Aug 2014Read
Preventing Pipetting Contamination12 Aug 2014Read
Cell Cultivation without Contamination12 Aug 2014Read
A Comparison of Different Decontamination Concepts for CO2-Incubators – from a User Perspective4 Mar 2014Read
Avoiding Cross-Contamination When Using the Harris Uni-Core Punch Tool in Thermo Scientific Direct PCR Protocols16 Dec 2013Read
ep Dualfilter T.I.P.S. SealMax – Determination of Sample Recovery Rate of Self-Sealing Filter Tips in Case of Over-Pipetting26 Nov 2013Read
The effect of grinding tools on metal contamination during sample preparation1 Nov 2013Read


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