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Priorclave Features Top Loading Autoclaves at Arab Health23 Jan 2015Read
Space Saving 96-well Deep Well Plate8 Jan 2015Read
6 Effective Ways to Ensure Sterile Lab Equipment2 Dec 2014Read
On the Trail of Microorganisms2 Dec 2014Read
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Product, Performance and Packaging: New Eppendorf Cell Culture Consumables Deliver Quality in All30 Jul 2014Read

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Improved Handling of Cells and Protection against Contamination20 Feb 2015Read
Controlling Inherent Contamination in Deep Well Microplates28 Jan 2015Read
Multiplexing Methods for Cell Culture Contamination and Authentication Analysis13 Nov 2014Read
Using the Sartobind® pico: Optimizing Steps for Using Micro-Scale Membrane Adsorbers on Liquid Chromatography Systems11 Nov 2014Read
Comparative Investigations on the Blocking Efficiency of Filter Tips7 Nov 2014Read
Class II, Type A2 Biological Safety Cabinet HEPA Filter Loading Capacity21 Oct 2014Read
Precision Pipetting of Problem Liquids Using the MICROMAN® E Pipette17 Oct 2014Read
Identification and Quantification of Methanol in Contaminated Spirits17 Sep 2014Read
Onsite FTIR Quantitative Analysis of Water in Mineral-Based Oils using a Novel Water Stabilization Technique16 Sep 2014Read
Application of LC-MS/MS for Monitoring Multiclass Pollutants in Surface and Groundwater29 Aug 2014Read


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