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Your Christmas Screening Wishlist of 201418 Dec 2014Read
The Resurgence of CombiChem Technologies10 Nov 2014Read
Ensuring Reproducibly Accurate Drug Dilution Protocols Using the INTEGRA VIAFLO Assist4 Nov 2014Read
Drug Discovery & Development News this Month31 Jul 2014Read
Seven Pharma Companies Offer up Compounds to UK Researchers22 Jul 2014Read
Part One: Approaches to Finding Good Hit Compounds 'The Old and the New'14 Jul 2014Read
New Screening Library Offers Exceptional Chemical Diversity to Increase Hit Probability26 Jun 2014Read
Hit Discovery Constance GmbH: a New European Hub for HTS and Compound Management22 Jan 2014Read
Master Complex Screening Technologies14 Jan 2014Read
AMSBIO Expands Portfolio of Ready-to-Use Stable Cell Lines6 Jan 2014Read

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Plate-Based Drug and Toxin Screening Using Multiplexed Flow Cytometry on a Benchtop Platform20 Feb 2015Read
Analysis of Compound Combination Experiments20 Jan 2015Read
Design and Implementation of a Simple Achiral Method Development Strategy for UPC² Chemistries8 Dec 2014Read
A Fluorescence Based High Throughput Assay to Identify Inhibitors of the Autophagy Associated Kinase ULK117 Nov 2014Read
Determination of Drug-Kinase Residence Time with the Transcreener ADP2 FP Assay11 Nov 2014Read
Inhibitor Dose Response Measurement with the Transzyme Methyltransferase Assay Kit31 Oct 2014Read
Robust Nanoliter Liquid Handling for Flexible Assay Miniaturization27 Oct 2014Read
Evaluation of Ketone‐Containing Terpene Compounds using Evaporative Light Scattering Detection22 Sep 2014Read
Comparison of Chemical Inhibitors versus Genetic Knock-Out Cell Models for Identification of PGP and BCRP Substrates in Caco-2 Cell Lines5 Sep 2014Read
Utilizing Two High Content Screening Assays; HCS-Phospholipidosis and HCS-Lysosomal Trapping and In Silico Modeling Approaches in Predicting In Vivo Phospholipidosis4 Sep 2014Read


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CyBio Automated Plate Replication System7 Nov 2014Watch  
Using In-Cell Western Assays to Study Alzheimer's Disease8 May 2014Watch  
Instant Expertise in High Resolution LCMSMS with the New COMPACT Mass Spectrometer from Bruker25 Mar 2013Watch  
Bruker CAM Showcases Instruments for LC/MS, GC/MS and ICP-MS at Pittcon 201325 Mar 2013Watch