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7 Portable Instrument Developments That Will Change the Way You Work4 Sep 2014Read
Metrohm Launch the NIRS DS2500 Analyzer12 Aug 2013Read
Waters Introduces Its Most Advanced Ion Mobility-Enhanced Research Mass Spectrometer, the SYNAPT G2-Si, at ASMS 201311 Jun 2013Read
Biotage Launches the Isolera™ Dalton, an Integrated Purification System Featuring Microsaic’s MiD®4 Jun 2013Read
Moving Liquids with Sound Using Labcyte Technology Finds Drug Candidates that Traditional Lab Techniques Miss5 May 2013Read
Agilent Technologies Introduces Next-Generation Gas Chromatograph and GC/MSD Series4 Feb 2013Read
ALMSCO to Exhibit Cutting-Edge Mass Spectrometry Technology at PITTCON 201316 Jan 2013Read
New GC/MS Software to Simplify Compound Detection and Identification5 Dec 2012Read

  Application Articles

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Choosing the Most Suitable Laser Wavelength for Your Raman Application7 Oct 2014Read
Benefits of Using ACQUITY QDa Mass Detection for Quantitative Analysis of Non-Chromophoric Memantine HCl in Tablet Formulation6 Oct 2014Read
Mass-Directed Isolation of a Pharmaceutical Compound Using AutoPurify with an ACQUITY QDa Detector1 Oct 2014Read
The NanoRam Hand-held Raman Spectrometer: Full Regulatory Compliance for the Inspection of Raw Materials and Chemicals Used in the Pharmaceutical Industry22 Sep 2014Read
Quality Assurance by NMR in Compound Management28 Apr 2014Read
Finding the Rules for Successful Drug Optimization9 Dec 2013Read
Can you Benefit from Extremely High Resolution Mass Spectrometry in Metabolomics Research – Only a Number’s Game?21 Oct 2013Read
Advanced Automated Library Searching for Compound Identification in Forensic Toxicology Samples8 Jan 2013Read
Toxtyper™ – a Comprehensive LC-MS/MS Screening Solution for Clinical and Forensic Toxicology4 Jan 2013Read


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Efficient Handheld Material Identification Workflow5 Sep 2014Watch  
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The Density Meter DS7800 from A.KRÜSS: The Metering Pump1 Jul 2013Watch  
The Density Meter DS7800 from A.KRÜSS: Cleaning and Drying24 Jun 2013Watch  
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