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Bio-Rad Introduces the ddPCR™ KRAS Screening Multiplex Kit for Cancer Research14 Jan 2015Read
Molecular Detection of Colon Cancer Moves a Step Closer25 Sep 2014Read
Personal Genome Diagnostics Raises $2.8 Million and Launches its METDetect Assay to Detect MET Gene Amplifications from Circulating Tumor DNA9 Apr 2014Read
Quest Diagnostics Expands Colorectal Cancer Screening with Lynch Syndrome Blood and Biopsy Testing31 Mar 2014Read
Clinical Study Confirms Blood-Based Septin9 Test to be an Attractive Alternative for CRC Screening Programs17 Mar 2014Read
New Non-Invasive Colon Cancer Screening Test Launched in Switzerland5 Mar 2014Read
European Commission Approves Update of Erbitux Metastatic Colorectal Cancer Labeling to Patients with RAS Wild-Type Tumors26 Dec 2013Read
EKF Molecular Diagnostics Launches New PointMan™ DNA Enrichment Kits at AMP 201315 Nov 2013Read
VolitionRx to use Innova Biosciences’ Biotin Technology in its Epigenetic Research Kits23 Jul 2013Read
EKF Molecular Launches Cancer Gene Detection Technologies at ASCO21 May 2013Read

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Fluorescence-Based Analysis of Drug Sensitivity in Tumor Microtissues Using the Infinite® 200 PRO Multimode Microplate Reader25 Feb 2015Read
Non-Invasive Analysis of Drug Sensitivity in Homo and Heterotypic Multicellular Tumor Spheroids5 Feb 2015Read
DNA Extraction from Normal and Cancer Tissues in a Section on a Histology Slide29 Jan 2015Read
KRAS Mutation Detection by Compact Sequencing Compared with Real-Time Detection PCR and Pyrosequencing in the Routine Clinical Laboratory15 Nov 2013Read
Metabolic Characterization of Tumor-Tumor Microenvironment Interactions in Human Colorectal Cancer using MALDI Mass Spectrometry Imaging3 Sep 2013Read
Label-Free Analysis of Microsatellite Instability in Colorectal Carcinoma by On-Chip Electrophoresis30 Jun 2013Read
Gene Expression Microarray Analysis of Archival FFPE Samples18 Jun 2013Read
Novel Data Independent MALDI Imaging Ion Mobility Acquisition for the Visualization and Identification of Proteins Directly From a Single Tissue Section13 Jun 2013Read
Whole Transcript Expression Microarray Profiling and Sequencing of Normal Colon and Adenocarcinoma Total RNA12 Jun 2013Read
Multiplex Sequence Capture for Targeted Resequencing of Candidate Gene Panels in Cancer28 May 2013Read


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KRAS / BRAF / PIK3CA Array Enables Selection of Patients for Anti-EGFR Therapy28 Nov 2014Watch  
Dr. Sarah McClelland, Cancer Research UK: Chromosomal Instability in Colorectal Cancer28 May 2013Watch  
Is it Still Possible to Build a FIBCO? The Story of Regeneron8 Oct 2012Watch