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The Top Life Sciences News Stories of January 201530 Jan 2015Read
NEW Protos 3 Colony Counter and Rapid ID System from Synbiosis Saves Microbiologists Time and Provides Accurate, Traceable Results15 Jan 2015Read
Synbiosis Introduces aCOLyte 3, A New Affordable Automated Colony Counter for Delivering Accurate Results Up to Ten Times Faster than Manual Counting15 May 2013Read
NEW Independent Validation Study of ProtoCOL 3 System30 Jan 2013Read
Top pie maker picks aCOLade as their manual colony counter12 May 2012Read
New ProtoCOL 3 Advanced Colony Count Measurement System22 Nov 2011Read

  Application Articles

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Screening and Selection of Colonies Producing Zones of Inhibition for Antimicrobial Discovery25 Nov 2014Read
High Throughput Quantification of HepG2 Cell Colony Formation in Soft Agar with TTP Labtech’s acumen®20 Oct 2014Read
Colony Measurement Tools Using the ColonyDoc-It™ Imaging Station29 Aug 2014Read
VideometerLab Colony Counter17 Jul 2013Read
Automated Colony Counting for Molecular Biologists21 Jun 2013Read
Spiral Plate Colony Counting21 Jun 2013Read
SRD Plate Zone Counting21 Jun 2013Read
Multi-Color Bacterial Counting With the ColonyDoc-It™ Imaging Station25 Mar 2013Read
Flow Cytometric Enumeration of Total Bacterial Cell Count (TCC) in Drinking Water with the Partec CyFlow® Cube 6 Flow Cytometer25 Mar 2013Read
A High-Throughput Colony Formation Assay for Profiling Novel Compounds and RNAi Reagents Using the Acumen® eX37 Mar 2013Read


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Advanced System for Agar and Membrane Transfer: Microsart® @media from Sartorius11 Nov 2014Watch  
ProtoCOL 3: Automatic Colony Counting and Zone Measurement from Synbiosis20 Nov 2013Watch  
ColonyDoc-It™ Imaging Station from UVP for Visualizing White Light and Fluorescent Colonies12 Mar 2013Watch