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First European Company Obtains CE-IVD Mark for Clinical Use of Next Generation Sequencing Bioinformatics Pipeline8 Sep 2014Read
LabCorp’s Enlighten Health Launches Innovative Genomics Initiative5 Sep 2014Read
PathGroup Launches SmartGenomics Heme Profile for Genetic Profiling of Hematologic Malignancies4 Apr 2014Read
Coming out of the Cold with Stat-Nat® Thermally Stable PCR Master Mix3 Apr 2014Read
Agilent Technologies Expands Next-Generation Sequencing Target-Enrichment Platform with SureCall Software Upgrade18 Feb 2014Read
QIAGEN Announces Launch Plans for Innovative Next-Generation Sequencing Products14 Feb 2014Read
Fluxion Biosciences Expands IsoFlux Discovery Services Capabilities with Clinical Sample Procurement10 Feb 2014Read
Massachusetts General Hospital Adopts Advanced Analytical Technology in Fight Against Cancer16 Jan 2014Read
Seek Flexibility for your Molecular Laboratory4 Dec 2013Read
QIAGEN Offers Clinical Labs Early Access to Solution for Streamlined Interpretation of Patient Sequencing Data26 Nov 2013Read

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Agilent HaloPlex Target Enrichment System: Design and Analysis of Clinical Research Panels15 Nov 2013Read
Design and Analysis of Clinical Research Panels for NGS12 Nov 2013Read
Target Specific Enrichments Combined with Next-Generation Sequencing Revolutionizes the Analysis of Human Exomes25 Oct 2013Read
Podcast 1 - NGS & Autism Transcript23 Oct 2013Read
Clinical Next Generation Sequencing, the Dawn of a New Era22 Oct 2013Read


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SelectScience Announces Winner of the Clinical Scientists' Choice Award 20146 Aug 2014Watch  
Advances in Laboratory Diagnostics Podcast 1 - Next Generation Sequencing & Autism16 Oct 2013Watch  
Dr. Jan Korbel, EMBL: Novel Mechanisms of Cancer Genomic Alteration19 Jul 2013Watch  
Innovative Solutions for Fast and Efficient NGS Sample Preparation24 Apr 2013Watch