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PXi Touch at University of Cambridge Provides More Accurate Result by Imaging Fluorescent and Chemiluminescent Proteins on One lot9 Apr 2014Read
New G:BOX Chemi XRQ Image Analysis System from Syngene Offers Affordable, High Performance Multi-Application Imaging22 Jan 2014Read
Maastricht University Science Programme uses SDI’s Syngene G:BOX Chemi7 Aug 2013Read
Artemis CCD Ltd Adds 9.2MPixel Sensor Complete FS Camera Range21 Jun 2013Read
ChemiDoc-ItTS2 Imager Now Available with Multiple Language Interface19 Jun 2013Read
Genomics, Proteomics and In Vivo Imaging Systems from UVP at AACR27 Mar 2013Read
INOVA Diagnostics Launches BIO-FLASH, A Rapid-Response Chemiluminescent Analyzer24 Jan 2013Read
Syngene Launches PXi Touch Range of Versatile Image Analysis Systems23 Jan 2013Read
LI-COR Announces 2013 Arrival of Digital Film for Western Blots11 Dec 2012Read
Boost Clinical Lab Efficiency with the ThunderBolt EIA+CLIA Automation Platform16 Aug 2012Read

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How to Improve Your Chemiluminescent Western Blots18 Feb 2015Read
Western Blot Analysis: Comparison of Film and the C-DiGit® Blot Scanner12 Jan 2015Read
Detection of Human IgG Using a Luminescence-based Proximity Assay19 Dec 2014Read
Detection of PARP-Induced ADP-Ribosylation Using the CLARIOstar® Microplate Reader18 Nov 2014Read
Imaging Chemiluminescence by Scanning Using the C-DiGit® Chemiluminescent Western Blot Scanner31 Oct 2014Read
Human Breast Cancer Metastases to the Brain Display Human Breast Cancer Metastases to the Brain Display GABAergic Properties in the Neural Niche16 Feb 2014Read
Meeting Evolving Clinical Demands for Assay Performance: Advances in Acridinium Ester Technology on the ADVIA Centaur Systems14 Nov 2013Read
Avoiding Housekeeping Protein Detection Saturation15 Jul 2013Read
Determining the Appropriate Film Exposure Time for Protein Detection after Western Blotting8 Jul 2013Read
Determining the Appropriate Sample Load for Western Blots14 Jun 2013Read


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The PentaVac from Raptor Photonics14 Jun 2013Watch  
Automated Gel and Blot Imaging using the PXi from Syngene18 Feb 2013Watch  
PentaVac - 21st Century Vacuum Technology11 Jan 2013Watch  
New ChemiDoc-It®TS2 Imager18 Apr 2012Watch  
Quantitative Fluorescent Imaging News18 Apr 2012Watch  
All In One In Vitro Imaging System18 Apr 2012Watch