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Promega Cell Viability Assay Designed Specifically for 3D Microtissue Culture12 Jun 2014Read
Molecular Devices Introduces Versatile EMax®Plus Microplate Reader and MultiWash™+ Washer28 Apr 2014Read
Molecular Devices Introduces EarlyTox Cell Integrity Kit2 Apr 2014Read
AMSBIO Announces ClioCell™, a New Device for the Removal of Dying and Dead Cells27 Mar 2014Read
3D Biomatrix and Cayman Chemical Partner to Provide 3D Cell Viability Assay27 Nov 2013Read
Corning Expands Microcarrier Product Line for Bioprocess Scale-up16 Sep 2013Read
BioTek Features Unique Microplate Instrumentation and Applications at MipTec 201312 Aug 2013Read
Gentronix Extends Toxicology Screening Services to Include the Detection of Apoptosis Induction6 Aug 2013Read
3D Spheroid Assays from AMSBIO for Cancer Drug Screening25 Jun 2013Read
Protect Cell Viability Outside the Incubator with the Scienceware® CultureTemp 37°C Warming Plate from Bel-Art Products3 May 2013Read

  Application Articles

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Vi-CELL® XR Cell Viability Analyzer Integration with Biomek® NXP16 Oct 2014Read
Vi-CELL XR Analysis of Yeast13 Oct 2014Read
A GloMax® Multi Microplate Fluorometer Method for CellTiter-Glo® Luminescent Cell Viability Assay3 Oct 2014Read
Viability and Cytotoxicity Analysis of Spheroids16 Sep 2014Read
Design and Validation of Bioluminescent Assays for 3D Cell Culture Models10 Sep 2014Read
A Novel NanoLuc Profurimazine-Based Real-Time Bioluminescent Cell Viability Assay9 Sep 2014Read
Verifying Performance of Cell Viability and Apoptosis Assays Applied to 3D Microtissues2 Sep 2014Read
Measure cell viability and cytotoxicity24 Apr 2014Read
Cell Counting and Morphology Visualization Utilizing Microplate Imaging Cytometry31 Jul 2013Read
iCell® Cardiomyocytes - xCELLigence RTCA Cardio System Application Protocol5 Jul 2013Read


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DRAQ7™ Viability Dye7 Oct 2014Watch  
The Luna-FL™ Dual Fluorescence Cell Counter by Logos Biosystems 24 Jun 2014Watch  
Luna-FL™ Dual Fluorescence Automated Cell Counter from Logos Biosystems10 Mar 2014Watch  
Culture Preparation and Plating2 Sep 2013Watch  
The CellInsight NXT HCS System from Thermo Fisher Scientific26 Apr 2013Watch  
ADAM Automated Cell Counter5 Feb 2013Watch  
Luna Automated Cell Counter5 Feb 2013Watch  
The New Celigo S from Brooks Life Science Systems30 Jan 2013Watch  
New IN Cell Analyzer 2200 from GE Healthcare11 Jan 2013Watch  
Cellular Imaging and Analysis Made Easy16 Oct 2012Watch