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PANalytical Launches New Compact Benchtop XRF System for Pharmaceutical Catalysts Analysis at AAPS Conference 201417 Nov 2014Read
Autosorb iQ3 Gas Sorption Analyzer27 Aug 2014Read
Almac Secures New Metagenomics and Enzyme Discovery Programme with UCL15 May 2013Read
The SDG Group of Imperial College (London, UK) uses Asynt DrySyn MULTI and Parallel Synthesis Kits for Novel Organometallic Compound Synthesis15 Apr 2013Read
Frontier Laboratories Ltd., Launch New Multi-Mode, Tandem Micro-Reactor System at Pittcon20 Mar 2013Read
The CAMSIZER from Retsch Technology Facilitates Catalyst Development at Shell Global Solutions11 Mar 2013Read

  Application Articles

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Pt, Pd, Rh in Recycled Automotive Catalysts26 Aug 2014Read
SiliaCat®S-Pd and SiliaCatDPP-Pd: Highly Reactive and Reusable Heterogeneous Silica-Based Palladium Catalysts22 May 2014Read
SiliaCat® Pd0 and Pt0: A New Class of Silica-Based Heterogeneous Catalysts21 May 2014Read
Efficient Removal of Osmium-based Catalysts Using SiliaMetS® Metal Scavengers15 May 2014Read
Flow Chemistry Using Silica-Based SiliaMetS Metal Scavengers, SiliaBond Functionalized Silica Gels and SiliaCat Heterogeneous Catalysts15 May 2014Read
Measurement of Diffuse Reflection from Catalyst Powders using the Praying Mantis Accessory and Agilent Cary 5000 UV-Vis-NIR Spectrophotometer4 Mar 2013Read
Particle Size Analysis of Catalysts7 Dec 2012Read


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IRDye®- Infrared Dye Reagents for Click Chemistry17 Jun 2014Watch