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New SCION 436 and SCION 456 GC Platforms from Bruker Configured to Safely and Reliably Utilize Hydrogen in Place of Helium24 Mar 2013Read
New Precision Gas Generators for GC Instruments on Show at Pittcon 20134 Mar 2013Read
Peak Scientific Offers a Solution to the World Helium Shortage7 Feb 2013Read
Watch the Webinar: From Helium to Hydrogen: GC-MS Case Study on SVOCs in Water1 Jan 2013Read
Peak Scientific Hydrogen Generators: Reliability-Enhanced6 Feb 2010Read

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Unique Rtx®-CLPesticide Column Provides Optimal Results for Organochlorine Pesticide Analysis Using Any Carrier Gas29 Jan 2015Read
Hydrogen Carrier Gas for Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon Analysis26 Nov 2014Read
Improved Sample Throughput with Hydrogen Carrier Gas26 Nov 2014Read
Unique Rtx®-CLPesticides Column Set Provides Optimal Results for Organochlorine Pesticides GC-Micro-ECD Analysis Using Any Carrier Gas5 Nov 2014Read
Discard Cylinders by Generating Your Own Gas6 Oct 2014Read
Conversion of GC/MS Methods From Helium To Hydrogen Carrier Gas5 Sep 2014Read
Analyze Permanent Gases and Light Hydrocarbons with Agilent J&W Particle Trap Columns22 Aug 2014Read
GC/MS Analysis of a Complex Sample in DCM Using Hydrogen Carrier Gas17 Jun 2014Read
Using Hydrogen as a Carrier Gas for GC1 Aug 2013Read
Hydrogen Purification Methods23 Jul 2013Read


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Peak Scientific Precision Series Gas Generators3 Dec 2014Watch  
The New Precision Gas Generators for GC Instruments from Peak Scientific25 Mar 2013Watch  
Bruker CAM Showcases Instruments for LC/MS, GC/MS and ICP-MS at Pittcon 201325 Mar 2013Watch