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Optibrium Joins Hepatic and Cardiac Toxicity Systems Project and Expands R&D Team9 Oct 2013Read
Molecular Devices Introduces EarlyTox Cardiotoxicity Kit23 Sep 2013Read
Eurofins Panlabs Strengthens Drug Discovery Services with GE Healthcare’s Cytiva™ Cardiomyocytes13 Aug 2013Read
Eurofins Panlabs Strengthens Drug Discovery Services with GE Healthcare’s Cytiva™ Cardiomyocytes25 Jul 2013Read
Optibrium and Lhasa Limited Collaborate to Bring High Level, Expert Toxicity Prediction to Chemists’ Desktops5 Feb 2013Read
Singulex Ultrasensitive Immunoassay for Cardiotoxicity Testing at SOT 20121 Mar 2012Read

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Screening for EADs and Pro-Arrhythmic Potential with Human iPS Derived Cardiomyocytes using a Multiwell Microelectrode Array (MEA)2 Sep 2014Read
Development of an in vitro Multiwell Cardiovascular Multielectrode Array (MEA) Toxicity Assay with Human IPS Cell Derived Cardiomyocytes2 Sep 2014Read
Development of an In Vitro Pre-clinical Cellular Assay to Predict9 Dec 2013Read
Cardiotoxicity of iCell® Cardiomyocytes Using the CyBi®-SELMA 96, 250 μl Semi-automated Pipettor3 Dec 2013Read
EarlyTox Cardiotoxicity Kit Provides Biologically Relevant Cardiotoxicty Data Earlier in the Drug Discovery Process16 Oct 2013Read
EarlyTox™ Cardiotoxicity Kit, a novel calcium sensitive fluorescent dye for assessment of compound effects upon iPSC derived cardiomyocytes using the FLIPR® Tetra System9 Oct 2013Read
Predictive High-Throughput Assays for Hepatotoxicity and Cardiac Physiology Using iPSC-Derived Cell Models1 Aug 2013Read
Cardiotoxicity: Elevations of Cardiac Troponin-I Quantified with the Erenna cTnl Immunoassay9 Oct 2012Read
Assaying Cardiotoxicity with ImageXpress High Content Screening Systems30 Jul 2012Read
Elevations of Cardiac Troponin‐I Quantified with the Erenna® cTnI Immunoassay are an Early Indicator of Heart Muscle Injury in Studies of Cardiotoxicity30 Mar 2012Read


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