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Detecting the Active Ingredients in Cannabis – An Interview with Andrew Dadson, General Manager, Diamond Analytics7 Aug 2014Read
Test Medical Cannabis Potency with Greater Accuracy Using Restek's New DEA-Exempt CBDA Certified Reference Material9 May 2014Read
Synthetic Cannabinoids Identifiable in the Field with the Scientific TruNarc Handheld Narcotics Analyzer29 Jul 2013Read
Randox Toxicology Launches ELISA for the Detection of New Generation Synthetic Cannabinoids (Spice) Drugs UR-144 and XLR-1123 Apr 2013Read
The GRINDOMIX GM 300 used for Cannabis Analyses at the Regional Office of Criminal Investigation in Germany14 Mar 2013Read
A LoGiCal Success for Online SPE-LC/MS/MS27 Nov 2012Read
Interview with Professor Anthony W. Butch of the UCLA Olympic Analytical Laboratory1 Aug 2012Read

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On the Trail of the Medical Use of Cannabis1 Oct 2014Read
Detecting a New Wave of K2/Spice in Human Urine26 Sep 2014Read
An Evaluation of Biphenyl Chemistry to Aid in High-Throughput Bioanalytical LC-MS/MS Analyses29 Aug 2014Read
Use of GC-NCI-MS/MS for Quantification of THC from Hair Samples25 Apr 2014Read
Analysis of Synthetic Cannabinoids from Whole Blood for Forensic Toxicology Using Ostro Sample Preparation Plates and CORTECS UPLC Solid-Core Columns8 Apr 2014Read
Cannabinoid Quantitation Using an Agilent 6430 LC/MS/MS5 Sep 2013Read
Validation of a Cannabinoid Quantitation Method Using an Agilent 6430 LC/MS/MS22 Jul 2013Read
Solid Phase Extraction Method for Analysis of Psilocin and Psilocybin in Urine13 May 2013Read
Determination of Cannabinoids (THC) in Biological Samples6 Mar 2013Read
Simultaneous Detection and Quantification of Δ9THC, 11-OH-Δ9THC and Δ9THC-COOH in Whole Blood by GC Tandem Quadrupole MS15 Jun 2012Read


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