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World Cancer Day: The Technologies Advancing Cancer Research4 Feb 2015Read
How Circulating Tumor Cells Are Being Used in Cancer Research16 Oct 2014Read
Fluxion Delivers First Commercial Shipments of IsoFlux™ System for Circulating Tumor Cell Analysis6 Jun 2013Read
EMD Millipore Launches First Commercially Available Multiplexed Assays for Stem Cell Protein Markers7 May 2013Read
CYTOO’s Adhesive Micropatterns are Cited in More than 30 Scientific Papers12 Mar 2013Read
Horizon Discovery Establishes Two New Centers of Excellence for rAAV Genome Editing in Cambridge, UK11 Mar 2013Read
NeuroInDx Unveils Kuiqpick, its New Cell and Tissue Acquisition System for Research Labs19 Feb 2013Read
CYTOO to Sponsor Motility Subgroup at the Biophysical Society Meeting28 Jan 2013Read
Genea Stem Cells: 25 New Disease Specific Pluripotent Stem Cell Lines Placed on the NIH Registry16 Jan 2013Read
Integrating Matrix into 3D Spheroid Culture Enables High Throughput Measurement of cell Invasion21 Dec 2012Read

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High Throughput Quantification of HepG2 Cell Colony Formation in Soft Agar with TTP Labtech’s acumen®20 Oct 2014Read
TRAPing Telomerase Activity using Droplet Digital PCR27 Aug 2014Read
Overcoming Obstacles to Develop a Cancer Immunotherapeutic19 Aug 2014Read
Defining Metabolic Phenotypes in Cancer Cells21 May 2014Read
3-D Imaging of Cancer Cell Spheroids28 Oct 2013Read
Analysis of Proliferation Dynamics in Primary and Immortalized Human Cells2 Sep 2013Read
Mutation Detection in Circulating Tumor Cell Samples Obtained from the IsoFlux™ System21 Jun 2013Read
Hybridoma and CHO Cell Culture using the New Brunswick™ S41i, an Environmentally-Friendly, “Low Emission” Incubator Shaker18 Jun 2013Read
Cytometric Analysis of Upregulated Functional Gene Expression in Primary Cells by On-Chip Staining17 Jun 2013Read
Using the NanoDrop 3300 Fluorospectrometer for Cancer Research Applications3 Jun 2013Read


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3D Imaging of Cancer Spheroids with the ImageXpress Micro XLS System from Molecular Devices®27 Oct 2014Watch  
Extracellular Matrices: Innovative Cancer Research7 Aug 2014Watch  
Dr. Mehmet Toner, Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital: Bioengineering and Clinical Applications of a Circulating Tumor Cell Chip 26 Apr 2013Watch  
3D Cell Culture using Perfecta3D Hanging Drop Plates from 3D Biomatrix31 Jan 2013Watch