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Molecular Devices Introduces EarlyTox Cardiotoxicity Kit23 Sep 2013Read
The New Olympus High-Speed, High-Precision Deep-Imaging Multiphoton System FVMPE-RS19 Sep 2013Read
Molecular Devices Launches Fura-2 QBT Calcium Kit for Detecting and Quantitating Changes in Intracellular Calcium19 Aug 2013Read
Hamamatsu Introduces New ORCA-Flash4.0 V2 sCMOS Camera7 Feb 2013Read
Molecular Devices Introduces ScreenWorks Peak Pro Software Enabling High Throughput Cardiotoxicity Screening14 Feb 2012Read

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Electric Field Stimulation (EFS) of Human iPSC-Derived Neurons Using Hamamatsu FDSS/μCELL18 Feb 2015Read
Real Time Calcium Flux Measurements in iPSC Derived 3D Heart Tissues3 Feb 2015Read
Monitoring Intracellular Ca2+ Fluxes with Clonetics™ Primary Sensors using the Orion II Microplate Luminometer20 Jan 2015Read
Detection and Modulation of Cardiomyocyte Calcium Oscillations Using the FDSS60008 Dec 2014Read
Multiplexing Calcium Mobilization and Membrane Potential Assays Using the FDSS60002 Dec 2014Read
Evaluation of Cryopreserved Bacmam Transduced Aequorin Cells in 384- and 1536-Well Suspension Cell Assays Using the Aequorin Option for the FLIPRTETRA® System18 Nov 2014Read
Comparison of Photina Luminescent Calcium Mobilization Assays on both the FlexStation 3 and FLIPRTETRA Systems10 Nov 2014Read
Fura-2 QBT Calcium Kit from Molecular Devices: A New Homogenous Fura-2 Calcium Assay4 Nov 2014Read
96-Well Nephelometric Assay to Detect Calcification Propensity of Serum Samples22 Aug 2014Read
Calcium signaling with FLIPR Calcium 6 and Calcium 6-QF Assay Kits on the FlexStation 3 Microplate Reader14 May 2014Read


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