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Minister for Health Visits North London Blood Bank to Launch Innovative Blood 2020 Strategy27 Feb 2015Read
Ensure Your Blood Bank’s Cold Chain30 Dec 2014Read
New Advance in Cryopreservation Could Change Management of World Blood Supplies8 Dec 2014Read
AABB Announces New Guideline for Platelet Transfusions11 Nov 2014Read
Immucor Announces NGS Collaboration with Sirona Genomics8 Oct 2014Read
DiaSorin Launches New Liaison HIV HT, Confirming Its Commitment in the Blood Banks Market8 Oct 2014Read
The Quest for an Artificial Blood Substitute9 Jul 2014Read
It’s in the Genes! FDA Approved Molecular Typing Arrives in the Transfusion Laboratory3 Jun 2014Read
FDA-Approval for First-Ever Diagnostic Test Allows Molecular Typing of Red Blood Cells for Blood Transfusions28 May 2014Read
Immunetics Introduces Updated BacTx Analyzer for Rapid Testing of Platelet Bacterial Contamination15 Oct 2013Read

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Improving Patient Safety with FinalCheck – Reducing Transfusion Errors15 May 2012Read
Hospital Streamlines Transfusion Process by Upgrading Blood Bands15 May 2012Read
Reducing Errors Associated with Manual Data Entry, and Protecting Patient Information within the Blood Band15 May 2012Read
Reducing Specimen Rejections by Combining Bedside Scanning and Barcode Blood Bands15 May 2012Read


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First Ever FDA Approved Molecular Typing System for Blood Transfusions7 Aug 2014Watch  
The Power of Molecular Genotyping for Sickle Cell Patients2 Jun 2014Watch