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Noviplex™ Card Plasma Separator Technology Simplifies Plasma Sampling for Mass Spectrometry-Based Research19 Jun 2014Read
AB SCIEX to Present ESI-MS Workshop at HPLC 201423 Apr 2014Read
GE Healthcare Launches Next Generation GenomiPhi™ Whole Genome Amplification Kits in Room Temperature Stable Ready-To-Go™ Format26 Jul 2012Read
Agilent Technologies Introduces Automated LC/MS for Dried Blood-Spot Analysis21 May 2012Read

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Quantitative Analysis of Dried Bloodspot 17-Hydroxyprogesterone by ACQUITY UPLC-MS/MS for Clinical Research12 Jun 2014Read
Analysis of Human IgG using Automated Digestion Coupled Directly to LCMS-805025 Apr 2014Read
Advancing Beyond the World of Small Molecules: Measuring Protein Analyte Panels in Dried Blood Spots (DBS) Using an Automated SISCAPA Workflow23 Apr 2014Read
easyPunch STARlet: Increasing Throughput and Lowering Sample Volume in DMPK Studies by Automating Whatman® FTA™ DMPK DBS Card Processing25 Mar 2014Read
easyPunch STARlet: Safe and Reliable Automated Processing of GE Healthcare Whatman® FTA™ Cards for STR Analysis14 Aug 2012Read
A Simple Approach for the Development of a Bioanalytical Dried Blood Spot Assay using a Tandem Quadrupole MS with a Novel Collision Cell28 Oct 2011Read
Trends and Challenges: Dried Blood Spot Analysis21 Oct 2011Read


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New High Precision Workstation22 Feb 2012Watch