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BIOSTAT A - Professional Entry-level Solution for Cell Culture and Microbial Fermentation11 Nov 2014Read
New Webinars Explore Feed Strategy Challenges Using Mini Bioreactors Detailing how to Achieve Consistent Feeding Regimes for Reproducible Scale-up25 Sep 2014Read
NEW iPad App for TAP’s ambr15 Automated Micro Bioreactor System22 Jul 2014Read
New Webinar on Improving Process Development Timelines with Mini Bioreactors19 Jun 2014Read
New Webinar on how to Accelerate Early Process Development Presents Validation Data on ambr15 Microbioreactors from a Major CMO15 May 2014Read
New Refrigerated Circulating Bath Increases Sample Capacity in Compact Footprint7 Apr 2014Read
Cellexus Limited Launches the New CellMaker PLUS Single-Use Bioreactor System with Full pH and DO Control28 Nov 2013Read
GE Healthcare Launches ReadyToProcess WAVE™ 25, the Next-Generation, Single-Use, Rocking Bioreactor System18 Nov 2013Read
New Method for Microcarrier Cell Culture using TAP’s ambr Micro Bioreactors: Save Time Optimising Process Conditions for Vaccine Production31 Oct 2013Read
New Application of TAP’s ambr Microscale Bioreactor as Perfusion Mimic Offers Rapid Method Development of Large Scale Perfusion Culture Processes15 Oct 2013Read

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Large-Scale Production of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells in BioBLU® 5c Single-Use Vessels27 Feb 2015Read
The BIOSTAT® ORB Large Scale Shaken Single Use Bioreactor for the Biopharmaceutical Industry: Use and Applications19 Dec 2014Read
Evaluation of Biostat® RM for Plant Cell Culture12 Dec 2014Read
Large Scale Cultivation of CHO Cells in the Stirred Single-Use Bioreactor BIOSTAT CultiBag STR24 Nov 2014Read
Isobutanol from Renewable Feedstock17 Nov 2014Read
Cultivation of CHO Cells in the Single-Use Bioreactor UniVessel® SU from Sartorius6 Nov 2014Read
Advanced Biofuel Development Using Parallel Bioreactor Systems8 Oct 2014Read
Managing Sample Volume for Micro Bioreactor Analytics17 Sep 2014Read
Introduction to Sf-9 Insect Culture in a Stirred-Tank Bioreactor5 Sep 2014Read
Introduction to CHO Culture in a Stirred-Tank Bioreactor5 Sep 2014Read


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New Brunswick BioFlo®/CelliGen®115 Fermentor and Bioreactor17 Feb 2014Watch  
Optimize Suspension Cell Culture with Corning Mini Bioreactors14 Oct 2013Watch  
Think Outside The Bag - Eppendorf New Brunswick BioProcess12 Dec 2012Watch  
New Single Use Bioreactor Launched at Show4 Jul 2012Watch