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Promega Launches GloMax Discover Multimode Detection System for Cell and Biochemical Assays30 Jan 2014Read
New TE-Cooled C11208 MPPC Module from Hamamatsu Photonics28 Jun 2013Read
Promega Launches Novel ADCC Reporter Bioassay for Biologics11 Oct 2012Read
Marlene DeLuca Prizes Awarded5 Jul 2012Read

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High Throughput Homogenous Bioluminescent Assays for Monitoring the Concentrations of AMP, ADP and ATP11 Sep 2014Read
A Rapid, Cell-Based Bioluminescent CYP1A1/Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor Activation Assay10 Sep 2014Read
Luciferin Isopropyl Acetal a Selective and Sensitive Bioluminescent CYP3A4 Substrate for Induction and Inhibition Assays10 Sep 2014Read
Advancing Pathway Analysis Using Bioluminescent Reporters10 Sep 2014Read
Better Cell-Based Assays for Anti-CTLA-4, Anti-PD1/PD-L1, and Bispecific Immunotherapy Drug Studies10 Sep 2014Read
Cell-Based Bioluminescent Hydrogen Peroxide Assay: Effects of Inducers and Generators with Cells10 Sep 2014Read
A Genetically Engineered Mouse for Imaging of Apoptosis in a Tissue Specific Manner9 Sep 2014Read
A Novel Bioluminescent HTS Method for Rapid NAD(P)/NAD(P)H Detection9 Sep 2014Read
A Novel Cell-Based ATP Assay with Enhanced Operational Stability and Ease of Use9 Sep 2014Read
An Automated Bioluminescent Assay for Measuring Phosphodiesterase Activity2 Sep 2014Read


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Drug Discovery With Cell-Based Assays30 Sep 2012Watch