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Lab7 Systems Launches BioBuilds.org to Host a Major Expansion of BioBuilds, a Curated and Versioned Repository for Open Source Bioinformatics Tools19 Nov 2014Read
Top News from the Life Sciences Community this Month31 Oct 2014Read
Comprehensive Solutions for Genome Analysis and Synthetic Biology Projects30 Oct 2014Read
QIAGEN Demonstrates Expanded Bioinformatics Workflows at ASHG21 Oct 2014Read
QIAGEN Integrates Content from BIOBASE with Its Leading Offering for Biological Data Interpretation21 May 2014Read
New Genedata Screener for Surface Plasmon Resonance Co-developed with AstraZeneca Announced at 2014 Bio-IT World Conference & Expo29 Apr 2014Read
QIAGEN Expands GeneGlobe Web Portal to Include Interactive Access to Extensive Genomic Content from Ingenuity’s Knowledge Base17 Mar 2014Read
Thermo Fisher Scientific Proteomics Software Now Cloud Based24 Jan 2014Read
Microbiologics Debuts New Molecular Standards Product Line – Helix Elite™19 Nov 2013Read
Accelrys Advances Biology Innovation with New Release of Assay and Study Management Product Suite8 Nov 2013Read

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Accurate and Comprehensive Mapping of Multi-omic Data to Biological Pathways Using Agilent-BridgeDB12 Nov 2014Read
Rapid Detection of Bacterial Resistance by MALDI-TOF MS in Combination with Stable Isotope Labeling1 Sep 2014Read
Managing Impurity Knowledge in a Process Chemistry Environment20 Aug 2014Read
Successful Application of Novel Plant ChIP-seq Technology Results in High Quality Sequencing Data from Limited Amounts of Arabidopsis thaliana Seedling Cells13 Mar 2014Read
Discover miRNA Biomarkers in Serum or Plasma Using Miscript® miRNA PCR Arrays11 Dec 2013Read


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Detecting Viral Integration Sites Using DNASTAR's SeqMan NGen15 Jul 2013Watch  
Introducing DNASTAR’s Lasergene 1110 Jun 2013Watch