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Dyadic and CIMV Enter into Collaboration to Commercialize Second Generation Biofuel Technology5 Aug 2014Read
AFM-IR Used by French Researchers to Identify Best Microbes for Biofuel Production20 Feb 2014Read
Porvair Filtration Group Introduces Biomass Gasification Filters5 Feb 2014Read
New GeneArt® Algae Protein Expression Kits from Life Technologies16 Dec 2013Read
Shimadzu Launches Version 2 of Its GC/MS Metabolite Database27 Aug 2013Read
Kinesis Appointed Exclusive Distributor in India for AccuStandard Reference Standards26 Jul 2013Read
Biodiesel Production with Syrris’ Globe Jacketed Reactor System17 Jul 2013Read
New Tools for Biofuel Development23 May 2013Read
Phenomenex Launches Innovative, Industry-Focused Websites22 Feb 2013Read
Agilent Technologies Introduces Expanded Mobile Measurement Portfolio for Multiple Field-Based Applications20 Feb 2013Read

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Quality Control of Biofuels Using an Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrophotometer for Metals Determination27 Nov 2014Read
Determination of Trace Sodium in Diesel and Biodiesel Fuel26 Nov 2014Read
Novel LED-Based Light Source for Cultivation of Phototrophic Organisms in a Stirred-Tank Bioreactor10 Nov 2014Read
Determination of Uronic Acids and Wood Sugars in Wood-Based Hydrolysates24 Oct 2014Read
Determination of Algal Cell Lipids Using Nile Red to Monitor Neutral Lipids in Chlorella Vulgaris13 Oct 2014Read
Vi-CELL XR Analysis of Yeast13 Oct 2014Read
Synthesis of Biodiesel - Extraction and Transesterification in a Single Step10 Oct 2014Read
Hydrothermal Conversion of Carbohydrates8 Oct 2014Read
Analysis of Glycerin and Glycerides in Biodiesel (B100) Using ASTM D6584 and EN1410529 Sep 2014Read
Determination of Inositol Phosphates in Dried Distillers Grains with Solubles21 Mar 2014Read


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Opportunities and Challenges for Brazil: Scientists Share Opinions29 Nov 2013Watch  
State-of-the-Art Mass Spectrometry Facilities Further Synthetic Chemistry Research – Dr. John Langley, University of Southampton25 Nov 2013Watch  
Agriculture Impacting Brazil’s Biodiversity: Prof. Siu Mui Tsai, University of São Paulo4 Nov 2013Watch  
Sugarcane Industry Needs New Analytical Techniques4 Nov 2013Watch  
Dr Jeremy Woods, Imperial College London: Evaluating the Role of Bioenergy in Sustainable Development28 Oct 2013Watch  
Biofuels: Developing the Fuels of the Future - Prof. Miguel J. Dabdoub, University of Sao Paulo28 Oct 2013Watch  
Biofuels: Overcoming the Storage Bottleneck – Dr Eduardo Cavalcanti, National Institute of Technology28 Oct 2013Watch  
Biofuel Regulation: Investigating Toxic Compounds – Prof Jailson Andrade, Federal University of Bahia28 Oct 2013Watch  
The International Profile of Brazilian Science27 Sep 2013Watch  
Think Outside The Bag - Eppendorf New Brunswick BioProcess12 Dec 2012Watch