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Individual Special Solutions for Climate Chambers: BINDER Climate Chambers Tailored to Specific Customer Requirements29 Jul 2014Read
Environmental Simulation Chamber from BINDER Helps the Institute for Power Electronics and Electrical Drives to Develop Battery System Technology10 Jun 2014Read
The New NETZSCH High Temperature Coin Cell Module on Multiple Mode Calorimeter 274 Nexus6 Aug 2013Read
The New Netzsch ARC 254 Calorimeter6 Aug 2013Read
Bytec Medical Creates New Intelligent Battery System for Healthcare Industry30 Jul 2013Read
Malvern Instruments' Mastersizer 3000 used to Develop High Performance Nanostructured Carbon for Energy Storage20 May 2013Read
JEOL Resonance Introduces New Zero Boil Off Magnet for NMR Systems16 Apr 2013Read
New Dual Channel Valveless Dispensing for Battery Manufacturing from Fluid Metering12 Apr 2013Read
NETZSCH and NREL Announce Partnership for Rapid Development of Li-Ion Battery Testing Instrumentation5 Mar 2013Read

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X-Ray TDI Camera: Lithium Ion Batteries19 Jan 2015Read
Batteries in Endurance Testing —Batteries Exposed to Extreme Conditions in BINDER Material Test Chambers13 Oct 2014Read
Accurate Low Viscosity Measurements of Electrolyte Solutions for the Development of High Performance Rechargeable Batteries7 Mar 2014Read
Determination of Dissolved Manganese in Lithium/Manganese Oxide Battery Electrolyte5 Aug 2013Read
Managing the Energy Transition with New Vanadium Rechargeable Batteries13 Mar 2013Read
Multi-length Scale Investigations of a Li-ion Battery Cathode6 Mar 2013Read
Determination of Trace Elements in Lead for Battery Applications using Atomic Absorption Analysis18 Jan 2013Read
Battery Safety (Thermal Runaway): Adiabatic Calorimetry for Advanced Battery Testing16 Feb 2012Read
Battery Cycling: Isothermal Calorimetry for Advanced Battery Testing1 Sep 2011Read


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m-VROCi - Microfluidic Rheometer for Industrial Applications5 Aug 2014Watch