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Scientists Gain First Glimpse of One of Nature’s Measuring ‘Rulers’: New Findings Offer Potential to Outsmart Bacterial Infections18 Dec 2014Read
Bioo Scientific Launches 16S V1 – V3 rRNA Library Prep Kits for Bacterial Metagenomics Studies29 Jul 2014Read
Research Presented at ASM Annual Meeting: Bacteria Can Linger on Airplane Surfaces for Days21 May 2014Read
New PowerViral™ Environmental RNA/DNA Isolation Kit for the Extraction of Viral and Bacterial Nucleic Acids5 Sep 2013Read
JPK Reports on the use of Quantitative Imaging, QI, for the Study of Living Bacteria at the Université de Paris-Sud16 Jul 2013Read
ELITechGroup Biomedical Systems Launches its New Generation of Slide-Staining Instruments.17 Jun 2013Read
Syngene's G:BOXChemi Used in Microbial Research at Wageningen UR6 Jun 2013Read
BioTek Sponsored LMU-Munich Team Places 4th in Global iGEM Competition28 Dec 2012Read

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Quantification of AQC Derivatized γ-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA) in Bacterial Culture Using UHPLC-ESIMS22 Dec 2014Read
Characterization of Fiber-Like Bacteria on the Morphologi G3 with the Wet Cell Accessory30 Oct 2014Read
The Gemini Bacterial Challenge6 Oct 2014Read
High Cell Density Fermentation of Escherichia coli Using the New Brunswick™ BioFlo® 11525 Sep 2014Read
Extraction of Labile Enzymes from Gram-Positive Bacteria with the FastPrep System19 Sep 2014Read
Determination of Geosmin and 2-Methylisoborneol in Environmental Matrices by Dynamic Headspace/ Purge&Trap - Time of Flight GC/MS15 Sep 2014Read
Determination of Cell Density in Bacterial Cultures Using the Hellma Fiber Optic Probe in Combination with the Eppendorf Biospectrometer3 Sep 2014Read
Revealing the Affinity of Individual and Combined FliG Domains for FliM in the Bacterial Flagellar Motor Complex11 Dec 2013Read
Ultrafast Statistical Profiling of Bacterial Metabolite Extracts23 Oct 2013Read
Automated Colony Counting for Molecular Biologists21 Jun 2013Read


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Bacteria Cell Culture Measurements Using Colibri Microvolume Spectrophotometer 4 Dec 2014Watch  
SHEL LAB Bactron Anaerobic Chambers26 Feb 2014Watch  
Product Review: Biomek FXp and SPRIworks HT Kit from Beckman Coulter30 Jan 2013Watch