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Protagen Signs Collaboration with QIAGEN to Develop Novel Protein-Based Companion Diagnostics for Autoimmune Therapies19 Nov 2014Read
Genetic Key to Lupus Shows Potential of Personalized Medicine22 Aug 2014Read
Protagen AG Launches Landmark First Research Test Kit for Systemic Sclerosis14 Aug 2014Read
Serum Thyroglobulin Testing Using SISCAPA Technology Now Available16 Apr 2014Read
BioDot Launches BioJet Elite™ Dispensing Technology27 Jan 2014Read
Lophius Biosciences Collaboration Develops Test for Diagnosis and Monitoring of Multiple Sclerosis21 Jun 2013Read
Theradiag Receives CE Mark for New anti-CCP IVD Kit in Rheumatoid Arthritis3 May 2013Read
Selventa to Develop New Class of Multi-omic Based Diagnostic Tests for Autoimmune Disease and Cancer22 Jan 2013Read
Multiplex Technology for Autoimmune Diagnostics Can Reduce Costs and Increase Throughput14 Aug 2012Read
Online Immunofluorescence Guide for Autoimmune Disease Diagnosis17 May 2012Read

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Fighting Autoimmune Disease the Need for a Personalized Approach19 Nov 2014Read
Isolation of Highly Purified Mouse CD4+CD25+FoxP3+ Regulatory T Cells in Less than 45 Minutes27 Aug 2014Read
Generation of Monocyte-Derived Dendritic Cells (moDCs)4 Dec 2013Read


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Improving Purification Yields in APS Research10 Dec 2014Watch