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New ATR Accessory Enables Cost Effective Analysis of Materials and Mixtures in Minutes7 Apr 2014Read
Sealed Sample Chamber for PIKE MIRacle TM Single Reflection ATR Accessory21 Aug 2013Read
PIKE Technologies Release New Variable Angle ATR and Specular Reflection Accessory, VeeMAX III22 Mar 2013Read
Quest ATR Accessory from Specac to be Showcased at Pittcon 20134 Mar 2013Read
Pike Technologies Launch New Hollow Waveguide Probes for Reaction Monitoring14 Feb 2013Read
New PIKE JetStream Multi-Reflection ATR Accessory3 Jan 2013Read
New Options for PIKE MIRacle Single Reflection ATR Accessory22 Nov 2012Read
Specac Announces the Launch of the Quest ATR for IR Spectroscopy4 Oct 2012Read

  Application Articles

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Optimization of Grazing Angle Attenuated Total Reflection for the Analysis of Monomolecular Layers on Silicon19 Aug 2014Read
Monitoring Cure Characteristics of a Thermoset Epoxy by ATR/FTIR18 Aug 2014Read
Assessing Formulation in Polymeric Materials by ATR/FTIR18 Aug 2014Read
Rapid Analysis of Inks on Paper by Viewing FTIR-ATR Spectroscopy18 Aug 2014Read
Investigation of the Formation and Structure of APTES Films on Silicon Substrates18 Aug 2014Read
Fiber Analysis Using FTIR-ATR with Optical Viewing18 Aug 2014Read
Probing Organic Self-Assembled Monolayers (SAMs) on Silicon by FTIR with Single Reflectance ATR18 Aug 2014Read
Recent Advances in Organic Chemistry14 May 2014Read
A New Approach to Sample Preparation Free Micro ATR FTIR Chemical Imaging of Polymer Laminates9 Mar 2013Read
Accurate Characterization of Polymers and Additives in Personal Care Products and Packaging by Fast-Scanning IR23 Jan 2013Read


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ATR: Single versus Multiple Reflection2 Jan 2015Watch  
Assessing Formulation of Polymeric Materials Using ATR22 Jul 2014Watch  
The Quest ATR Accessory for Laboratory Spectroscopic Sample Analysis in the Mid- and Far-Infrared from Specac14 Mar 2014Watch  
PIKE Technologies at Pittcon 201414 Mar 2014Watch  
Using Pike Technologies GladiATR Clamp4 Mar 2014Watch  
The Quest Attenuated Total Reflectance (ATR) Accessory from Specac25 Mar 2013Watch