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FLIVO® Technology for Detecting Cell Death in Living Animals on Track for Further Development and Use in Cancer Research4 Nov 2014Read
Cancer Conference Poster Prize Winner29 Jul 2014Read
Promega Launches GloMax Discover Multimode Detection System for Cell and Biochemical Assays30 Jan 2014Read
New On-Demand Webinar from AMSBIO Discusses DNA Damage in Individual Cells30 Sep 2013Read
Cronus Technologies Launches the Handyem HPC‐100 Portable Flow Cytometer at flowcytometryUK 201313 Aug 2013Read
Gentronix Extends Toxicology Screening Services to Include the Detection of Apoptosis Induction6 Aug 2013Read
ChromoTek Introduces Chromobody Plasmids for Real-Time Monitoring of Key Intracellular Target Molecules in vivo12 Mar 2013Read
Bio-Plex Pro™ Human Cancer Biomarker Assays21 Nov 2012Read
Scepter™ 2.0 Handheld Automated Cell Counter31 May 2012Read
Image 3X the Surface Area for the Complete Picture10 Apr 2012Read

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High Fidelity 96-Well Kinetic Assays for Cancer Biology: Cell Migration, Invasion, Apoptosis, & Angiogenesis23 Jan 2015Read
CellPlayer™ 96-Well Kinetic Caspase-3/7 Apoptosis Assay14 Jan 2015Read
Assess Mitochondrial Membrane Potential with MitoPT™12 Dec 2014Read
Fluorescent Whole Cell Assays for Intracellular Apoptosis Detection and Cellular Analysis from ImmunoChemistry Technologies8 Dec 2014Read
Use of Phase Contrast Imaging to Track Morphological Cellular Changes due to Apoptotic Activity with the Cytation™ 5 Cell Imaging Reader from BioTek13 Nov 2014Read
Apo-ONE Homogeneous Caspase-3/7 Assay on the Eppendorf® PlateReader AF220027 Aug 2014Read
Biocolor’s APOPercentage Apoptosis AssayTM on BMG LABTECH’s Spectrostar Nano Plate Reader26 Aug 2014Read
Development of a Validated High Throughput ELISA Assay for γ-H2AX as a Pharmacodynamic Marker7 Aug 2014Read
Measuring the Metabolic Switch in Cancer Cells23 May 2014Read
Incorporation of a Novel 3D Cell Culture System to Perform in vitro Cytotoxicity Analyses using Human Primary Hepatocytes24 Mar 2014Read


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Structural analysis of HER2 with new active therapeutics12 Sep 2013Watch  
Faster Imaging with the acumen hci from TTP Labtech30 Jan 2013Watch  
Cellular Imaging and Analysis Made Easy16 Oct 2012Watch  
Live Content Imaging Inside Your Incubator8 Oct 2012Watch  
Drug Discovery With Cell-Based Assays30 Sep 2012Watch