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Medical Experts in the Asia Pacific Region Warn Against Further Complications Resulting from Antibiotic Misuse16 Feb 2015Read
Clinical Interview Highlights of 201431 Dec 2014Read
Randox Calls for Patients and Prescribers to ‘Resist and Desist’ Antibiotic Use18 Nov 2014Read
"Junk" Blood Tests May Offer Life-Saving Information1 Sep 2014Read
The NHS could Save £500 Million Annually by More Accurate use of Antibiotics7 Aug 2014Read
New Data Suggests Molecular Diagnostic Technology May Help Doctors Limit Antibiotic Drug Resistance4 Oct 2013Read
Developing New Molecular Tools for the Fight Against Hospital-Associated Infections with Tecan’s Freedom EVO®17 Sep 2013Read
Eurofins Collaborates with AB SCIEX and Phenomenex to Accelerate Development of Methods for Animal Feed Analysis19 Mar 2013Read
PharmSea: New Project for the Discovery of Bioactive Compounds from Marine Organisms15 Feb 2013Read
GE Healthcare Technology Brings Hope in the Fight Against Bacterial Disease13 Sep 2012Read

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Screening and Selection of Colonies Producing Zones of Inhibition for Antimicrobial Discovery25 Nov 2014Read
Antimicrobial Resistance in Infectious Diseases18 Nov 2014Read
Rapid Detection of Bacterial Resistance by MALDI-TOF MS in Combination with Stable Isotope Labeling1 Sep 2014Read
A Rapid iMethod™ Test for the Quantitation of Nitrofuran Metabolites in Meat and Shrimp, Liver and Honey28 Apr 2014Read


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Product Review: Biomek FXp and SPRIworks HT Kit from Beckman Coulter30 Jan 2013Watch