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Agilent Technologies and Cell Line Genetics Collaborate on High-Throughput Cell-Line Characterization Services for Regenerative Medicine, Cancer Researchers18 Feb 2014Read
DNASTAR’s SeqMan NGen and SeqMan Pro Now Available in Illumina’s BaseSpace Apps12 Nov 2013Read
Affymetrix Axiom® Strawberry Genotyping Array Delivers Automated Analysis for High-Resolution Genome Scanning of Octoploid Strawberry4 Nov 2013Read
The Center for Advanced Forensic DNA Analysis™ Launches Next Gen Forensic DNA Technology Service at ISHI 20131 Oct 2013Read
Life Technologies Launches Industry's First End-to-End Sequencing Solution for Human Exome Copy Number Variation Analysis2 Sep 2013Read
Affymetrix Announces New Axiom® 384HT Genotyping Format for Cost-Effective, High-Throughput Genotyping Studies30 Jul 2013Read
Roche Introduces Software for Next-Generation Sequencing24 Jun 2013Read
Roche Launches New Software Updates for its LightCycler 96 and LightCycler Nano PCR Systems6 Jun 2013Read
Ingenuity Systems Announces Awardees of Grant Program at AACR12 Apr 2013Read
OGT Releases New CytoSure™ Microarray for Research into Hematological and Solid Cancers25 Mar 2013Read

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Trans-Regulation of Mouse Meiotic Recombination Hotspots by Rcr12 Jul 2014Read
Comparison of Custom Designed KASP and TaqMan Genotyping Assays for a Rare Genetic Variant Identified Through Resequencing GWAS Loci13 Jun 2014Read
Discovery and Development of Exome-Based, Co-Dominant Single Nucleotide Polymorphism Markers in Hexaploid Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)22 May 2014Read
High Resolution Melt Parameter Considerations for Optimal Data Resolution7 Nov 2013Read
Rapid Mutation Detection Using a Modified Resequencing Workflow16 Sep 2013Read
Agrigenomics Genotyping Decisions Reach Crossroads2 Sep 2013Read
Detection of Copy Number and Loss of Heterozygosity with OGTS’s ISCA17 Jul 2013Read
Development of SureSelect Target Capture Methods for Sequencing on the PacBio RS1 Jul 2013Read
Detecting Copy Number Variants and Runs of Homozygosity on a Single Array — Challenges and Applications28 Jun 2013Read
Copy-neutral Loss of Heterozygosity in Cancer25 Jun 2013Read


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DMET Console Training from Affymetrix 6: Introduction to Allele Translation18 Jul 2013Watch  
DMET Console Training from Affymetrix 5: Reviewing Genotype Results16 Jul 2013Watch  
The KASP Genotyping Assay from LGC Genomics for Accurate, Flexible and Cost-Effective Genotyping15 Jul 2013Watch  
DMET Console Training from Affymetrix 4: Genotyping 13 Jul 2013Watch  
DMET Console Training from Affymetrix 3: Registering Plus Arrays 11 Jul 2013Watch  
Introduction to the ExoSAP-IT for PCR Product Clean-Up8 Jul 2013Watch  
DMET Console Software from Affymetrix 2: Configuration 8 Jul 2013Watch  
DNASTAR: Using VCF Files for SNP Analysis7 Jul 2013Watch  
A Demonstration of the Axiom Design Center5 Jul 2013Watch  
DMET Console Software from Affymetrix 1: Adding and Managing Data 5 Jul 2013Watch