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Takara Bio Selects Genedata Software to Automate and Standardize NGS Data Analysis6 Nov 2014Read
AB SCIEX and Illumina Collaborate to Create the World’s First Multi-Omics Cloud-Computing Environment9 Oct 2014Read
med fusion and GenomOncology Partner to Match Drug and Clinical Trial Options to Patient Tumors8 Oct 2014Read
AB SCIEX and Illumina Collaborate to Create World’s First Multi-omics Cloud-Computing Environment2 Oct 2014Read
Appistry Releases Commercial Version of Broad Institute’s GATK 34 Apr 2014Read
QIAGEN Offers Clinical Labs Early Access to New Ingenuity Solution for Streamlined Interpretation of Patient Sequencing Data19 Nov 2013Read
Exome Sequencing Now Fast and Affordable with Life Technologies' New Ion AmpliSeq™ Exome Certified Service Provider Program10 Sep 2013Read
University of Giessen Selects DNASTAR Genomics Software28 Aug 2013Read
Roche Launches GS FLX+ System Software Update to Extend Read Lengths for Targeted Gene Sequencing and Microbial Community Profiling Studies6 Aug 2013Read
Free NGS Report Demo — Bypass the Data Bottleneck with Genefficiency Services24 Jul 2013Read

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Integrating the DNA Integrity Number (DIN) to Assess Genomic DNA (gDNA) Quality Control Using the Agilent 2200 TapeStation System6 Feb 2015Read
When to Use Targeted Resequencing — Choosing the Right NGS Method17 Jul 2013Read
Amplicon Analysis of Lung Cancer Samples24 May 2013Read
Identification and Comparison of BRCA1 and BRCA2 Variants8 May 2013Read


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New CytoSure Microarray for Cancer Research24 Apr 2013Watch  
Introducing Ingenuity Variant Analysis Software for the Rapid Identification of Causal Variants in NGS Data27 Mar 2013Watch  
Genome Assembly Software Demo 11 May 2012Watch  
Ion Torrent Amplicon Assembly11 May 2012Watch