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New Imaging Grade Ultrapure Super DHB MALDI Matrix17 Nov 2014Read
Bruker to Distribute Quantinetix™ Software for Quantitative MALDI Imaging21 Jun 2013Read
Bruker Collaborates with 3M to Enable Easy Study of FFPE Tissue5 Jun 2013Read
Bruker Significantly Strengthens Its Industry Leading MALDI Molecular Imager Solution4 Jun 2013Read
Vanderbilt University Medical Center and Waters Collaborate on Tissue Imaging Research using SYNAPT HDMS13 Feb 2010Read

  Application Articles

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High-Throughput Screening of Deubiquitylase Enzyme (DUB) Activity/Specificity and Inhibitor Screening by MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometry17 Dec 2014Read
Direct Detection of Illegal Additives in Red Wine Using MALDI-FTMS28 Nov 2014Read
Sequence Identification and Spatial Distribution of Rat Brain Tryptic Peptides Using MALDI Mass Spectrometric Imaging8 Sep 2014Read
High Resolution Lipid Profiling and Identification by Hyphenated HPTLC-MALDI-TOF/TOF3 Sep 2014Read
Identification and Spatial Localization of Proteins from Mouse Brain Tumor using a Combination of MALDI Imaging and LC-MALDI1 Sep 2014Read
Improved Spatial Resolution in the Analysis of FFPE Tissue after Trypic Digestion29 Aug 2014Read
Discrimination of Metastasis from Breast and Pancreatic Cancer by MALDI Imaging29 Aug 2014Read
In-Depth Identification of Protein Images by Combining High Mass Resolution MALDI FTICR Imaging and High Performance qTOF nLC-MS/MS28 Aug 2014Read
3D MALDI Imaging of Mouse Heart after Myocardial Infarction30 Jul 2014Read
Application Solutions for High Definition Proteomics24 Jun 2014Read


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