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Bio-Rad Introduces the ddPCR™ KRAS Screening Multiplex Kit for Cancer Research14 Jan 2015Read
QIAGEN Announces Third Co-Development Program for Companion Diagnostics Paired with Lilly’s Investigational Cancer Compounds19 Nov 2013Read
EKF Molecular Launches Cancer Gene Detection Technologies at ASCO21 May 2013Read
Transgenomic Announces Global Availability of CRC RAScan Test for Metastatic Colorectal Cancer Patients17 May 2013Read
Roche 454 Sequencing Systems Used to Resolve Genetic Mutations in Blood Cancer11 Dec 2012Read
First Urine-Based Molecular Diagnostic Test for Transrenal Cancer Mutation Monitoring29 Nov 2012Read
Personalized Cancer Diagnostics to be Developed on the BD MAX™ Platform15 Oct 2012Read
Lab21 to Offer Companion Diagnostic Test for Colorectal Cancer Patients13 Jul 2012Read
QIAGEN Announces FDA Approval of Companion Diagnostic Colorectal Cancer Test10 Jul 2012Read
Roche Launches 454 Sequencing Assays for High Sensitivity Genetic Variant Detection in Leukemia Samples to Drive Blood Cancer Research Worldwide24 Apr 2012Read

  Application Articles

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Mutation Detection in Circulating Tumor Cell Samples Obtained from the IsoFlux™ System21 Jun 2013Read
Targeted Mutation Profiling of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Samples using the Sequenom Lungcarta™ Panel for Clinical Research30 May 2013Read
Detection of K-ras Point Mutations in the Pancreas by Constant Denaturing Gel Electrophoresis using the DCode™ System29 May 2013Read
Accurate and Sensitive Mutation Detection in Heterogeneous Cancer Research Specimens by castPCR Technology23 May 2013Read
Next-Generation Amplicon-Based Deep Sequencing and Its Application to Characterize Hematological Malignancies17 May 2013Read
Amplicon Sequencing from FFPE Tissues on the MiSeq® System9 May 2013Read
Ion AmpliSeq™ Cancer Panel -Accurate and Sensitive Detection of Over 700 Somatic Mutations in a Single Day7 May 2013Read


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