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Trifluralin Screening in Shrimp Farming15 Apr 2013Read
HPLC Column Introduced to Simplify and Improve Separations of Herbicides Diquat and Paraquat9 Oct 2012Read

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Analysis of Herbicides and Metabolites17 Nov 2014Read
Determination of Herbicides in Drinking Water by LC‐MS/MS Using Solid Phase Extraction and Modified USEPA 525.322 Sep 2014Read
Metabolomic Data Analysis of Herbicide Susceptible and Resistant Populations of Black-Grass (Alopecurus myosuroides)18 Sep 2014Read
Detection of Basic and Acidic Pesticides and Herbicides at Trace Levels by Online SPE LC/MS in Drinking Water8 May 2014Read
Direct Quantification of Diquat and Paraquat in Drinking Water Samples Using Ultra-Sensitive UPLC/MS/MS Analysis26 Nov 2013Read
Comparison of Direct Injection and Online SPE for Quantification by LC/MS of Trace-Level Herbicides in Water5 Jul 2013Read
Extraction of Phenoxyacetic Acid Herbicides from Soil By LC-MS/MS31 May 2013Read
Extraction of Chlorophenoxy Acid Herbicides from an Aqueous Matrix30 May 2013Read
The Extraction of Diquat and Paraquat for EPA Method 549.2 using the SmartPrep Automated Cartridge Extractor30 May 2013Read
The Extraction of Chlorinated Pesticides, Herbicides, and Organohalides for EPA Method 508.1 Using Automated Cartridge SPE14 May 2013Read


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