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Cellular Dynamics’ iCell Hepatocytes Enable Malaria-in-a-Dish Studies11 Feb 2015Read
The Hamner Institutes and Cellular Dynamics Collaborate to Develop In Vitro Assays Using Human iPS Cell-derived Hepatocytes9 Dec 2013Read
Life Technologies Expands Range of Stem Cell Reprogramming Solutions15 Jul 2013Read
GE Healthcare and Cellular Dynamics International Agree to Sublicense for Cellular Assay Patents18 Dec 2012Read
New Primary Cell Isolation and Tissue Dissociation Guide Available3 Dec 2012Read
Plexpress and Admescope Expand TRACPACK ADME-Tox Screening Services5 Nov 2012Read
Corning Announces Expanded Portfolio of Serum-free Cell Culture Media10 Oct 2012Read
Curiox Biosystems Introduces DropArray - The Solution to Cell Loss3 Oct 2012Read

  Application Articles

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A Rapid, Cell-Based Bioluminescent CYP1A1/Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor Activation Assay10 Sep 2014Read
Luciferin Isopropyl Acetal a Selective and Sensitive Bioluminescent CYP3A4 Substrate for Induction and Inhibition Assays10 Sep 2014Read
Comprehensive Lipid Profiling of Human Liver Tissue Extracts of Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease9 Sep 2014Read
A Multiplex, Automated Approach to Screen for Mitotoxicity in Human Hepatocytes and HepG2 Cells9 Sep 2014Read
A Micropatterned Culture with Primary Hepatocytes and Kupffer Macrophages for Studying Inflammation-Drug Interactions4 Sep 2014Read
Evaluation of High Content Mechanism Screening as a Prediction Tool for Organ Toxicity3 Sep 2014Read
Enhancement of Proliferation in a Novel Rat Hepatocyte Co-Culture Model after Mitogenic Stimulation3 Sep 2014Read
A Micropatterned Human Hepatocyte Co-Culture Model Allows Determination of Toxicity at More Relevant Concentrations than Hepatocyte Sandwich Cultures2 Sep 2014Read
Potential Cholestatic Drugs Assessed by Membrane Transport Vesicle Assays as Well as Bile Canaliculi Inhibition in Primary Hepatocytes2 Sep 2014Read
Methods for Improving in vitro Prediction of Intrinsic Clearance Utilizing 3d Cell Culture Models2 Sep 2014Read


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