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HTA Announces HT4000L: the HPLC Autosampler, Lab Automation Ready25 Mar 2014Read
KNAUER Announces New AZURA® Analytical HPLC systems at analytica 201417 Mar 2014Read
Shimadzu’s New Nexera Method Scouting System Maximizes Efficiency in HPLC/UHPLC Method Development4 Mar 2014Read
Pall Life Sciences Reveals Unique High Quality Syringe Filters17 Feb 2014Read
Guest Editor Prof. J. Michael Ramsey on Exciting Advances in Liquid Chromatography3 Feb 2014Read
Powerful Evaporator for Drug Discovery23 Dec 2013Read
Phenomenex Introduce New 5-Micron C8 Kinetex Core-Shell for Difficult-to-Resolve Compounds5 Jun 2013Read
Waters Introduce the New Prep 150 LC System for Medicinal Chemistry and Natural Product Extraction at Pittcon 201318 Mar 2013Read
SOTAX to Exhibit SAM, A New HPLC On-line Solution to Secure the Analytical Workflow of Pharmaceutical Laboratories, at Pittcon 201328 Feb 2013Read
Porvair Launches HPLC Sample Evaporators that Improve Throughput25 Feb 2013Read

  Application Articles

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Pharmacopoeial Requirements - How to Change a Regulated Method1 Apr 2014Read
Determination of Carbonyl Compounds in Vehicle Cabin Compartments18 Oct 2013Read
Method Development for Size-Exclusion Chromatography of Monoclonal Antibodies and Higher Order Aggregates2 Apr 2013Read
Analysis of DNPH-derivatized Aldehydes and Ketones using the Agilent 1220 Infinity LC System with Diode Array Detector28 Feb 2013Read
Agilent 1290 Infinity Binary LC with ISET – Emulation of the Waters Alliance 2695 LC System Analyzing Endocrine Disruptors28 Feb 2013Read
Dramatically Improve Existing 5 µm and 3 µm Fully Porous Methods with Kinetex 5 µm Core-shell Technology24 Oct 2012Read
Easy Method Transfer from UHPLC to HPLC to Prep LC Leveraging the Scalability of Kinetex Core-shell Technology Particles24 Oct 2012Read
USLC™ Columns Put the Right Tools in Your LC Method Development Toolbox27 Apr 2012Read


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AZURA Analytical HPLC System 8 Apr 2014Watch  
Crude2Pure Purification/Powderization System.7 Apr 2014Watch

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