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Molecular Devices ClonePix 2 System Supports Identification and Selection of GPCR Target Protein Expressing Cell Lines21 Jan 2014Read
Leading Drug Discovery Scientists Leverage PathHunter® Arrestin Technology for Discovery of Novel GPCR Drugs21 Nov 2013Read
Molecular Devices Introduces FLIPR Calcium 6 Assay Kits24 Apr 2013Read
BioFocus Expands Ion Channel Offering Through Agreement with ChanTest6 Feb 2013Read
A New Automated HTS Format to Quantify Receptor-Ligand Binding to GPCRs in Live Cells17 Jan 2013Read
Learn about the Newest Microplate Reader Technology and Win an iPad Mini at SLAS201331 Dec 2012Read
Addex Scientists Identify and Characterize the First Potent and Selective Small Molecule Negative Allosteric Modulator Targeting mGlu7 Receptor20 Dec 2012Read
Nobel Prize in Chemistry Awarded for Research into GPCRs6 Nov 2012Read
Addex Reports Top-line Data from a Successful Phase 2a Clinical Study with ADX71149 in Schizophrenia Patients5 Nov 2012Read

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Characterization of GPCR’s Signaling Signature Using the Novel Biosensor Platform, BioSens-All™13 Feb 2015Read
G Protein-Coupled Receptor Assays are Highly Comparable on the PerkinElmer® EnSpire™ Multimode Plate Reader with Epic® Label-Free Technology and the Corning® Epic® System6 Feb 2015Read
β-arrestin Recruitment for GPCR Screening5 Feb 2015Read
BRET1-Assay Using the FDSS/µCELL Imaging Plate Reader11 Dec 2014Read
Study GPCRs Like a Pro with Molecular Devices13 Nov 2014Read
Rapid Selection and Development of GPCR Expressing Mammalian Cell Lines Using Novel ClonePix Technology12 Nov 2014Read
Streamlined Receptor Screening: Ion Channels, GPCRs and Nuclear Receptor Screening in Biologically Relevant Cells Using Large Scale Transient Transfection11 Nov 2014Read
Live Cell Gi- and Gs- Coupled GPCR Second Messenger Signaling on the FLIPR Tetra System with the Promega GloSensor cAMP Assay31 Oct 2014Read
Novel GPR39 Agonsits: Correlation of Binding Affinity Using Label-Free Back-Scattering Interfreometry with Potency in Functional Assays.1 Oct 2014Read
Quantifying Fluorescent Ligand Binding to GPCRs in Live Cells using the PHERAstar FS - a new format for HTS22 Sep 2014Read


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Viscotek Advanced Detectors for GPC-SEC5 Aug 2014Watch  
Protein Based Green and Red Fluorescent Sensors for Identification of Drug Discovery Targets10 Feb 2014Watch