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Cronus Technologies Launches the Handyem HPC‐100 Portable Flow Cytometer at flowcytometryUK 201313 Aug 2013Read
A New Glow for Electron Microscopy24 Oct 2012Read
Automating Cell-Based Microplate Assays7 Sep 2012Read

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GFP Expression Analysis Using the Luna-FL™ Fluorescence Cell Counter3 Mar 2014Read
Imaging of BacMam Transfected U-2 OS Cells: Optimization of Transfection Conditions Using the Cytation™3 Cell Imaging Multi-Mode Reader and Gen5™ Data Analysis Software9 Oct 2013Read
Counting GFP Inhibition Zones with the ColonyDoc-It® Imaging Station11 Mar 2013Read
Large Insertions: Two Simple Steps Using QuikChange II Site-Directed Mutagenesis Kits12 Feb 2013Read
Detecting a Mouse Pancreatic Cancer Cell Line Using the iBox® Explorer™ Imaging Microscope30 Jan 2013Read
Single Molecule Microscopy Using Silicone-Oil Immersion Objectives23 Nov 2012Read
Simultaneous Analysis of GFP-Transgene Expression and Plant Cell Ploidy with the BD Accuri C6 Flow Cytometer15 Nov 2012Read
Live Cell Kinetics Assay Utilizing the ImageXpress Micro System31 Oct 2012Read
Detecting a Mouse Pancreatic Cancer Cell Line Using the iBox® Explorer™ Imaging Microscope8 May 2012Read
Bacteria in Action: Direct Observation and Measurement of Bacterial Swarm Migration8 May 2012Read


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ColonyDoc-It™ Imaging Station from UVP for Visualizing White Light and Fluorescent Colonies12 Mar 2013Watch

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