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Cellectricon Announces Cellaxess® ACE Project Grant Winners19 Sep 2013Read
Cellectricon Launches Grant to Fund Electroporation-Based Research10 Jul 2013Read
Cellectricon Presents Transfection Solutions for Drug Discovery at Experimental Biology 201317 Apr 2013Read
High Efficiency Electrocompetent Cells2 Oct 2012Read
Rapid Antibody and Protein Production using the MaxCyte® STX™ Transfection System9 Sep 2011Read

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Scalable Protein Production Using Flow Electroporation20 May 2014Read
Flow Electroporation Capabilities and Case Studies: Rapid GPCR Screening and Functional Ion Channel Assays20 May 2014Read
CAR mRNA Loaded Freshly Isolated Peripheral Blood Lymphocytes as Rapid, Targeted Tumor Immunotherapy19 May 2014Read
Large-scale Protein Production in Insect Cells: Flow Electroporation, a Superior Alternative to Baculovirus Expression19 May 2014Read
Faster Bioproduction Scale-Up/Scale-Down Using a Flow Electroporation-Based Platform19 May 2014Read
Bioproduction Using Large-Scale Transient Transfection: From >1 g/L Antibody Titers Via Transient Gene Expression to Rapid, High-Yield Stable Cell Line Generation19 May 2014Read
Imaging Fluorescent Proteins in vivo Expressed from DNA Vaccine Constructs29 Apr 2014Read
Increased Laboratory Productivity for CHO Cell Antibody Production Using Scalable Transient Gene Expression16 Nov 2012Read
Development of Fully Scalable Reporter Gene Assays for Studying Transcriptional Regulation and Receptor Activation using Flow Electroporation16 Nov 2012Read


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Studying Developmental mTORopathies Using Postnatal Electroporation5 Nov 2012Watch