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Horiba Scientific Announces New EMCCD and Scientific CMOS Cameras for Low Light Imaging Applications15 May 2014Read
High Throughput, High-Density Multi-Track Imaging with the Andor Holospec Spectrograph5 Nov 2013Read
Andor Launches ‘Optically Centered Crop Mode’ for Live Cell Super-Resolution Microscopy9 Jul 2013Read
Raptor Photonics Launches Falcon Blue, EMCCD with Enhanced UV Response23 May 2013Read
Photometrics Launches Industry’s Fastest, Most Sensitive 512x512 EMCCD Camera for Super-Resolution Imaging31 Oct 2012Read
First Single Camera, Multi-Parametric Cardiac Imaging System Uses Photometrics® Evolve™ EMCCD Camera23 Feb 2012Read
EMCCD Camera for Ultra High Performance20 Jan 2012Read

  Application Articles

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Hyperspectral Imaging for Clinical Diagnosis18 Sep 2014Read
New sCMOS vs. Current Microscopy Cameras17 Feb 2012Read
Maximizing Frame Rate Performance in EMCCDs16 Feb 2012Read
OptAcquire – Flexibility Need Not be Complicated16 Feb 2012Read
Count Convert - Quantifying Data in Electrons and Photons15 Feb 2012Read


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Research Facilitated by Imaging18 May 2012Watch  
iXon Ultra For Superior EMCCD Imaging6 Apr 2012Watch  
iXon Tutorial 8 - Connections6 Apr 2012Watch  
iXon Tutorial 7 - Spurious Noise Filter4 Apr 2012Watch  
iXon Tutorial 6 - Count Convert30 Mar 2012Watch  
iXon Tutorial 5 - Optacquire27 Mar 2012Watch  
iXon tutorial 4: Minimising Clock Induced Charge (CIC)25 Mar 2012Watch  
iXon Tutorial 3: Region of Interest and Crop Mode20 Mar 2012Watch  
iXon Tutorial 2: 17MHZ Mode18 Mar 2012Watch  
iXon Tutorial 1: EM Gain 16 Mar 2012Watch