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Photometrics® Launches New LightSpeed™ Mode for the Evolve™ 512 Delta EMCCD Camera21 Nov 2014Read
Andor Congratulates Nobel Prize Winners20 Oct 2014Read
Horiba Scientific Announces New EMCCD and Scientific CMOS Cameras for Low Light Imaging Applications15 May 2014Read
High Throughput, High-Density Multi-Track Imaging with the Andor Holospec Spectrograph5 Nov 2013Read
Andor Launches ‘Optically Centered Crop Mode’ for Live Cell Super-Resolution Microscopy9 Jul 2013Read
Raptor Photonics Launches Falcon Blue, EMCCD with Enhanced UV Response23 May 2013Read
Photometrics Launches Industry’s Fastest, Most Sensitive 512x512 EMCCD Camera for Super-Resolution Imaging31 Oct 2012Read
First Single Camera, Multi-Parametric Cardiac Imaging System Uses Photometrics® Evolve™ EMCCD Camera23 Feb 2012Read
EMCCD Camera for Ultra High Performance20 Jan 2012Read

  Application Articles

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Hyperspectral Imaging for Clinical Diagnosis18 Sep 2014Read
New sCMOS vs. Current Microscopy Cameras17 Feb 2012Read
Maximizing Frame Rate Performance in EMCCDs16 Feb 2012Read
OptAcquire – Flexibility Need Not be Complicated16 Feb 2012Read
Count Convert - Quantifying Data in Electrons and Photons15 Feb 2012Read


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Research Facilitated by Imaging18 May 2012Watch  
iXon Ultra For Superior EMCCD Imaging6 Apr 2012Watch  
iXon Tutorial 8 - Connections6 Apr 2012Watch  
iXon Tutorial 7 - Spurious Noise Filter4 Apr 2012Watch  
iXon Tutorial 6 - Count Convert30 Mar 2012Watch  
iXon Tutorial 5 - Optacquire27 Mar 2012Watch  
iXon tutorial 4: Minimising Clock Induced Charge (CIC)25 Mar 2012Watch  
iXon Tutorial 3: Region of Interest and Crop Mode20 Mar 2012Watch  
iXon Tutorial 2: 17MHZ Mode18 Mar 2012Watch