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Diagenode Introduces Innovative Bioruptor® Pico for Micro-Volume Chromatin and DNA Shearing15 May 2013Read
Simplify Nucleic Acid Size Selection for Fragment Library Prep with SPRIselect8 Nov 2012Read
Life Technologies to Supply New Covaris DNA Fragmenting Products for Ion Torrent Semiconductor Sequencers16 Oct 2012Read
Labs Globally Benefit from Industry-Standard Covaris DNA Shearing Performance15 Apr 2012Read
DNA Shearing to 6kbp - 20kbp Fragments13 Dec 2011Read

  Application Articles

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Application of the Megaruptor® for Shearing of Ultra-Long DNA Fragments in the Context of Long Read Sequencing Using 3rd Generation Sequencing Technologies24 Nov 2014Read
Bioruptor System from Diagenode: Designed Exclusively for Fast & Accurate DNA Shearing5 Nov 2014Read
Chromatin Preparation From Tissues for Chromatin Immunoprecipitation Using Diagenode’s Chromatin Shearing Optimization Kit - Low SDS and Bioruptor®29 Oct 2014Read
Optimization of Covaris Settings for Shearing Bacterial Genomic DNA by Focused Ultrasonication and Analysis Using Agilent 2200 TapeStation28 Oct 2014Read
Bacterial Cell Disruption Using Bioruptor® Plus20 Oct 2014Read
High‐Resolution Purification of Sheared Lambda Phage DNA Using a Gilson HPLC System22 Sep 2014Read


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The Diagenode Biorupter® Sonicator in Action24 May 2013Watch