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Affymetrix and Ariosa Diagnostics Announce Agreement in Support of Ariosa’s Harmony™ Non-Invasive Prenatal Test20 Oct 2014Read
Swift Analytical Appointed UK Distributor for DeNovix DS-11 Microvolume Spectrophotometer21 Jul 2014Read
Sony DADC to Supply Microfluidic Disposables for Trinean’s High Throughput DropSense96™ Spectrometers and Xpose™ Touch&Go Sample QC Analyzer1 Apr 2014Read
Promega Introduces QuantiFluor ONE dsDNA System for Sensitive “Add-and-Read” DNA Quantitation10 Dec 2013Read
Tecan’s Air LiHa Streamlines Forensic DNA Quantitation and Amplification at the Orange County Crime Laboratory, California, USA26 Nov 2013Read
Eppendorf Extends its Detection Product Portfolio with the Launch of New Instruments and Accessories5 Mar 2013Read
Cronus Technologies Announces the Launch of the Trinean Xpose - A New Micro‐Volume8 Feb 2013Read
Trinean to in-license PerkinElmer Technology4 Feb 2013Read
A New Compact, Portable Gel Documentation System for Real-Time Fractionation17 Jan 2013Read
Trinean Launches the Xpose - A New Micro-Volume Spectrophotometer8 Jan 2013Read

  Application Articles

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Factor-Based Quantification of Nucleic Acid Concentrations in the Eppendorf PlateReader AF2200 Using the Eppendorf Microplate UV-VIS22 Oct 2014Read
Detection of Contamination in DNA and Protein Samples by Photometric Measurements21 Oct 2014Read
A Duet of NGS Sample Preparation Techniques16 Sep 2014Read
cDrop Analysis of DNA Extracts from Blood using PSS Magtration28 Aug 2014Read
cDrop Specific Quantification of DNA Samples from Phenol/Chloroform Extraction28 Aug 2014Read
cDrop-Based Quantification of Saliva DNA from the Oragene DNA kit28 Aug 2014Read
Gene Expression I Housekeeping Genes15 Aug 2014Read
Optimizing The Picogreen® Assay on BMG LABTECH’s Clariostar Multimode Microplate Reader Using LVF Monochromators8 Jan 2014Read
Quantitating DNA from FFPE Tissue: Superior sensitivity of the QuantiFluor dsDNA System versus the NanoDrop Spectrophotometer19 Nov 2013Read
Droplet Digital™ PCR: Ultra-Sensitive Rare Event Detection6 Nov 2013Read


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The New Epoch 2 Microplate Spectrophotometer26 Aug 2014Watch  
Eppendorf PlateReader AF22001 Apr 2014Watch  
NanoDrop Products – The Scientific Community has Spoken28 Mar 2014Watch  
Measurement of DNA Using the BioDrop DUO In-built Sample Port10 Aug 2013Watch  
DNA and Protein Measurements with BioDrop’s In-built Sample Port8 Jul 2013Watch  
OPTIZEN NanoHandler Micro-Volume Spectrophotometer (Auto)5 Feb 2013Watch  
OPTIZEN NanoHandler Micro-Volume Spectrophotometer (Manual)5 Feb 2013Watch  
Xpose - A New Micro-Volume Spectrophotometer from Trinean30 Jan 2013Watch  
High-Speed, Micro-Volume Nucleic Acid and Protein Quantification8 Jan 2013Watch  
High Speed and Accurate UV-VIS Droplet Quantification16 Nov 2012Watch